10 Guitar Fails that Will Leave You Speechless

Guitar Fail: putting a microphone on the guitar amp head

Just for fun: enjoy these five guitar fails.

Guitar Thief Fail

In a sadly true story, this young man actually had the nerve to stick an electric guitar down his pants and try to walk out of a local guitar store. Thankfully a store employee had the wherewithal to snap a picture on his phone. Haha!

Guitar Fail: putting a microphone on the guitar amp head

via GuitarFresh.com

If you’re not familiar with guitar amps, this may not make sense to you. Essentially,┬áin an amp stack like this, the amp head on the top makes no sound. All the sound comes from the 4 speakers housed in the bottom cabinet. Ha!

Guitar Fail: Air Guitar Competition

As if playing the air guitar in a televised competition isn’t bad enough, this guy decided that having a rainbow throw up on his clothes before getting on stage would be an excellent idea.

This guitar flip is about as awful and painful to watch as they get. Besides the fact that his windup and diving motion are laughable, watching the guitar fly through the air and hit the cement parking lot almost makes me sorry for the guy.

Flea Bass Super Bowl Guitar Fail

It seems hard to believe but during the Super Bowl – the world’s biggest stage – Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea decided that plugging in his bass was too much trouble. I’ve heard of lip-syncing before…would this be “bass-syncing”?

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