18 Astonishing Guitar-Shaped Things that Make You Say “What?”

18 Crazy Guitar-Shaped Things

Guitars provide inspiration for a lot of things in life but there are some people who take that to an extreme. While some of these guitar-shaped things are mass produced, most of them are custom pieces designed for the sole purpose of pleasing a passionate guitarist.

Take a look at the 18 guitar-shaped things below and leave a comment as to which one you would most likely want for yourself!

1. Guitar-Shaped Motorcycle

The Guitarcycle - a guitar-shaped motorcycle

This guitar-shaped motorcycle, nicknamed the “Guitcycle” by designer Ray Nelson, was built on the frame of a 650 Yamaha. It runs just like any other motorcycle and has been displayed at shows and museums. Source: ArtCarAgency.com


2. Guitar-Shaped Custom Sink

A Guitar-Shaped outdoor sink

This custom outdoor sink, made by Pearidge Concrete and Crafts, reminds you of your guitar even while you’re washing your hands. I’m not entirely sure what the neck portion of the sink would be useful for, though…


3. Guitar-Shaped Money Clips

Guitar-Shaped Money Clips

These brushed steel-finished money clips made by Rocket Designs are one item among many very interesting ones that the company produces, including a guitar salt-and-pepper shaker, guitar paper clips and even a guitar-shaped shot tray.

4. Guitar-Shaped Coffin

Guitar-Shaped Coffin for John Graham

When guitarists John Graham from the UK passed on from this life to the next, there was only one big request he had – he wanted to be buried in a guitar-shaped coffin. The 12-foot long coffin was a replica of his favorite Fender Stratocaster and was custom built just for him. Story and photo by DailyMail.


5. Guitar-Shaped Urinal

The most awesome guitar-shaped urinal

This actual urinal does more than you might imagine. Named the “Guitar Pee”, you can actually play notes by aiming at different “strings” in the urinal. When you’re finished, you can have the urinal send the new song to your phone. Perhaps a little too much?


6. Guitar-Shaped Dragster Car

Guitar-shaped dragster designed by Jay Ohrberg

This guitar-shaped dragster designed by Jay Ohrberg, the man responsible for designing the Delorean in the Back to the Future Films among many others, is one slick car. At 28 feet long, it’s amazing to think that this car actually runs! Even better…you can rent this car. Ha!


7. Guitar-Shaped Building (Nashville)

Nashville Strings Guitar-Shaped building renderings

Back in 2012, a developer in Nashville, TN attempted to build a guitar-shaped multi-purpose building. This is the sketch of what they proposed the building would look like. It was supposed to house retail, office and residential space but ran into multiple problems including backlash from the Nashville community and difficulty in financing the project.


8. Guitar-Shaped Toilet Seat

Guitar-shaped toilet seat

There are a number of different guitar toilet seats on the market but this one is by far my favorite – even though the whole concept is lost on me. I mean really, is this the best way to show your love for guitars by putting your rear end on it?


9. Guitar-Shaped Wedding Cake

Guitar Shaped Wedding Cake

This guitar-shaped wedding cake made by a guy named Dan Horwedel is over 6 feet in length and 29 inches across. The bride and groom were both avid guitarists so…why the heck not?


10. Guitar-Shaped Boat

Guitar shaped motor boat

Australian singer/songwriter Josh Pyke commissioned this guitar-shaped boat to be built and then rode it through the Sydney Harbor for one of his music videos. He later sold it for charity.


11. Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool

Guitar shaped swimming pool

Believe it or not, guitar-shaped swimming pools are not uncommon. Just a simple search online will reveal just how many exist. If you think about it, the shape of a guitar lends itself well to a swimming pool – a large area for group swim as well as long lane for lap swimming.


12. Guitar-Shaped Spousal Tribute

Guitar shaped garden and forest

An Argentinean man planted a forest in the shape of a guitar as a tribute to his late wife. She died in 1977. The forest includes over 7,000 trees and stretches for 2/3 of a mile. Oddly, the husband has never seen his creation from the sky since he’s deathly afraid of flying.


13. Guitar-Shaped 88oz Liquid Container

Guitar shaped 88oz liquid container

Are you a heavy drinker? Perhaps this 88oz guitar-shaped liquid container by RockHouse Bar in Las Vegas will interest you. At $20, it’s really not a bad price, especially since it comes with a guitar strap and a long straw.


14. Guitar-Shaped Boat Dock

guitar shaped deck dock

Perhaps it’s a boat dock or perhaps it’s just a deck that extends into a small pond. Either way, I wouldn’t mind fishing off of this deck for a few hours one weekend!


15. Guitar-Shaped Staircase

Guitar shaped staircase

This custom piece of home design created by Preetham Dsouza makes interesting use of point of view. At different angles, the steps look like frets while the handrail looks like 6 strings.


16. Guitar-Shaped Stir Stick

Guitar-shaped Stir Stick

This novel idea makes the guitar body an actual ice cube! Available on Amazon.com, this is also a great gift for guitarists that is both unique and cheap!


17. Guitar-Shaped Bookshelf

A guitar shaped built-in bookshelf

This seems a little over-the-top for my taste, but props to the builders for taking a boring space for a book shelf and making a massive acoustic guitar. From the looks of it, it is also a closet with space on the inside for storing coats.


18. Guitar-Shaped Gum Ball Machine

Guitar Shaped Gumball Machine

Last but not least, this gum ball machine makes me feel like a kid again! Although it looks like a functioning guitar, the fact is that it is an actual gum ball machine that accepts quarters in return for colored sugar. 🙂

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