20 Awesome Gifts for Guitar Players

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If you’re looking for some quirky, humorous, and inexpensive gift ideas for guitar players, you’re going to love this list! No longer fret over what to buy for Christmas or on the birthday of your favorite guitar friend.

You could consider other, more serious gift options – whether for Christmas, Father’s Day or a birthday, but sometimes finding the right gift for a person who is impossible to buy for means looking for something they never would have asked for.

So below are some recommendations for some of the funniest, most interesting gifts for guitar players that you’ll find anywhere. Enjoy!

20 Unique, Creative, and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Guitarists

#1 The Guitar Toilet Flush Handle

Guitar flush handle gift idea

For those guitarist who like to customize their toilet, they’re going to love this satin-pewter guitar-shaped toilet flush handle. It would be pretty hard not to smile every time you finished your business!


#2 The Guitar Pick Maker

Punch out your own picks!

Almost every guitarist needs a constant supply of picks so this nifty little device allows you to “punch out” your own picks from the likes of credit cards, loyalty cards or anything else you can think of!


#3 The Guitar iPhone Case

iPhone guitar case that looks like a guitar fretboard

This is a great gift for guitar players who are married to their iPhone. What better to give them than a case that looks like a guitar? There are various styles including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and even amplifiers. You can also search specifically for the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5.


#4 The Guitar Cooking Spatula

Guitar spatula, a gift for the guitarist who is a chef

For the guitarist who loves to cook, this awesome electric guitar cooking spatula would make a great gift! It’s the same quality as the regular hard plastic spatula you’d get at your local store, it’s just shaped like a guitar 🙂


#5 The Amp Stack Mini-Fridge

Marshall Amp Stack Fridge as a gift for a guitarist

Although this is a bit on the pricier side, it’s an awesome gift! Whether they put it in their “guitar room” or bring it to their office, this useful gift will provide plenty of good laughs and stories.

#6 The Guitar Wall Clock

This guitar wall clock is a great way to spruce up an office or a room with guitar decor while also being very practical. There are plenty of different options to choose from, it all depends on what you think he/she would appreciate looking at on a daily basis.


#7 The Guitar Wallet

Guitarists are known for keeping an extra pick in their pocket or in their wallet, so why not give them one that is designed to hold it? (and looks pretty cool, too!)


#8 A Pillow for the Guitarist

A guitar throw pillow

Excellent gift idea for the guitarist who spends time in the kitchen. There are a number of different shapes, sizes and woods available, so look around to find out what would fit best.


#10 The Guitar Ice Cube Drink Stir Stick

Guitar drink stir stick for the guitar who loves a drink!

For any guitarist who loves to drink or make drinks (or perhaps a guitarist who is also a bartender?) this guitar drink stir stick will make the perfect inexpensive gift. The ice tray makes ice shaped like the body of the guitar.


#11 The Guitar Smart Holder

With all of the apps for the iPhone and Android that help people tune their guitar or learn to play the guitar, this holder that clips onto the guitar is an excellent idea! This particular holder works with every kind of phone, so it doesn’t matter if they have a Samsung, Apple, Windows or other phone.

#12 Personalized Guitar Picks

Personalized Guitar picks

These personalized guitar picks are one of those unique gifts that nobody else will ever have. Made-to-order with whatever name and style you want, this will be something fun for them to have on hand.


#13 The Guitar-Shaped Kitchen Skillet

The guitar-shaped kitchen mini skillet for the guitarist

Let’s face it, is there a guitarist in the world who wouldn’t like to be woken up to a guitar-shaped pancake? Or a guitar shaped egg? I think not.


#14 The Guitar Light Switch Plate Covers

Instead of the boring old white switch covers, why not spruce up part of the house with some cool guitar-themed light switch covers? They also have outlet covers.


#15 The Guitar USB Device

Nowadays everybody is carrying around some sort of electronic storage device, so why not let it be something cool like this guitar-shaped USB storage device?


#16 The Guitar Backpack

A backpack gift idea for the guitarist

The bag is shaped like a guitar and the strap is modeled after a guitar strap. An excellent, inexpensive gift idea for the guitarist in your life who is also a student.


#17 The Guitar Cuff Links

Looking for a good inexpensive gift idea for a guitarist who is soon to be a groom? These guitar cuff links are a fun addition to any wardrobe that can also be used in a multitude of other formal occasions.



#18 The Guitar Shaped Key

The guitar key gift idea for a guitar player

Now you can copy your home key, office key or any other key to be this guitar-shaped key that is both functional and looks cool.


#19 The Guitar String Bracelet

The artists have outdone themselves again with this cool way to recycle guitar strings – turn them into a bracelet!


#20 The Guitar Coffee Mug

A guitar coffee mug with a guitar-shaped handle

Guitar coffee mug

The guitar coffee mug is a crazy-cool gift idea for the guitarist who loves both their guitar…and their coffee 🙂 It’s sure to turn heads whenever it is used!


Do none of these gifts fit your needs? Check out 21 more serious gifts for guitar players that fit budgets ranging from $10 to $100.


Other Gift Ideas

If these gifts are too crazy for the guitarist in your life, you can always fall back on these tried-and-true favorites that are sure to get a good response.

  • A Guitar Tuner: everybody probably has a tuner, but do they have a clip-on capo tuner?
  • A Guitar Capo: speaking of capos, this is an accessory that every guitarist loves
  • A Gift Card: let them figure it out themselves 🙂 You can purchase a gift card from Amazon.

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18 thoughts on “20 Awesome Gifts for Guitar Players

    1. Each of these should have a working link to Amazon where you can purchase the items. I hope it’s been a helpful list for you!

  1. I wld like to order a couple of items for my guitar crazy husband on his birthday. Unfortunately, i only realised this site today. Am in Ghana,how many days will it take to reach me if i order. His birthday is the 2nd of july.

    1. Hey Elsie…you will have to refer to the specific sellers that you decide to use. Some offer international shipping and can do so very quickly while others only ship domestically in the US or Europe. Best of luck getting a gift for your “guitar-crazy husband”!

  2. hello – please let folks know about my awesome guitar themed gifts. I have designed a line of music handbags. My company is 2 years old. My guitar purses are handpainted by artists in Tennessee. You can also order them as DIY Music gifts to get a blank purse with instructions of how to paint it yourself. A tie dye design is not too hard and awesome fun to paint.

    1. We are currently featured on a whole page in the Nash Country Weekly Magazine. We sell many as Gig Bag Gifts for Him to keep mic wires, spare strings and picks. We hand paint them in TN and can paint initials or band logo on the bags. Support US artists!!

  3. My only question is, as for the guitar picks, arent there different types and sizes? How do I know which one to get? Is there a generic one most guitar players use or is there a way to find out without asking that person?

    1. Hey Mary, thanks for your great question! While you are correct that there are multiple pick sizes, in actuality there is really only one standard size that everybody uses. The other sizes aren’t nearly as common.

      Most guitarists don’t really care about size of a pick as much as they care about thickness. A thin pick produces a different sound and feel from a thicker pick. Personally, I keep picks of all different kinds of thickness and use them at different times, so in answer to your question: no matter what pick you buy, more than likely your guitar friend/loved one will have a good use for it at some point. Don’t worry about it 🙂

  4. Great list Josh – some really cool stuff here. We’re a small company making single-string capos – and have just come back into stock right before Christmas (after selling out of our stock last month). We’ve been told, they make great stocking fillers…Bw Andy

  5. I am a San Francisco artist and I make handmade guitar picks. You can see them by googling “harry leaf designs guitar picks.” You can do a search on Amazon. I sell them there too. Happy Holidays everyone!!

      1. Thanks I went back in and sadly I still can’t get the 6 personalised picks or the wallet to work x

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