Month: March 2014

Washburn HB35 Headstock
Electric Guitar Reviews

Washburn HB35 Review | An Alternative to Gibson’s ES-335

It’s pretty safe to say that the Gibson ES-335 is the most iconic thinline, semi-hollow electric guitar ever made. Problem is, with a price tag of over US$2,500+ it’s well out of reach of the average guitar player.

Enter the Washburn HB35.

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What are the best guitar accessories for beginner guitarists?
Guitar Accessories

5 Guitar Accessories Every Beginner Guitarist Needs

So you just bought a new guitar and it’s hard to imagine spending any more money at this point, right? I mean, you’ve already stretched your budget just a little to get that next best guitar. It’s especially hard if you have a salesman trying to upsell you on every little knickknack he has on the rack. The truth is, you don’t need every little toy or even the most expensive ones, but there are some accessories every beginner guitarist needs.

In fac

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A look at the Washburn Acoustic Entry-Level Guitar
Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Washburn D10S Review | An Unbiased Look

Among beginner acoustic guitars, the  stands out as a consistent favorite among guitarists.

Perhaps much of this has to do with the price tag, which at around $250 is an excellent deal, but I believe most of its popularity is due to the loud, clear sound that it produces.

If you’re in the market for a beginner guitar or if you want to add a nice acoustic guitar to your arsenal without breaking the bank, hopefully you’ll find this Washburn D10S review and accompanying

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An introduction to the Guitar CAGED method
Guitar Tips

The Secret to Unlocking the Entire Fretboard: “CAGED”

If you’ve ever studied scales before on a guitar more than likely your fingers have stayed within the same 4-5 frets. It’s a comfortable spot for most guitarists but if you really want to speed up your learning, there is one simple key to unlocking the rest of the fretboard: CAGED.

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