Month: September 2014

Building a guitar budget
FAQ - Frequently Asked Beginner Guitarist Questions

What Should my Budget be for a New Guitar?

If you think about it, the phrase “budget guitar” is actually quite confusing. Whose budget are we talking about here? What you consider “budget” may feel like a fortune to me…or vice-a-versa.

This idea of a budget guitar also doesn’t really take into consideration what you really need. Is this a guitar you need to play on stage? Do you just need something small for traveling? Are you just starting out and don’t want to spend too much on a hobby you’re not sure you’ll like?

In my opinion, your answer to these questions completely changes what a budget guitar would be for you. So instead of searching Google for the term “best budget guitar”, I suggest you stop for a moment and change your focus.


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A review of the Washburn C40 classical guitar
Classical Guitar Reviews

Washburn C40 Review | Entry-Level Classical Guitar

Unlike most people, I began my “guitar career” on a classical guitar…and I don’t regret it. In fact, I now highly recommend beginner guitarists at least give it a try before they settle on an acoustic or electric guitar.

The Washburn name isn’t the first thing that come to mind when anybody starts talking about classical guitars. I know that. But I’ve recently been surprised by the quality/price ratio that their entry-level Washburn C40 Classical Guitar offers.

If you

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5 Exciting ways to display your guitar
Guitar Accessories

5 Exciting Ways to Display Your Guitar

Your guitar display tells a lot about how much you value it. Some of my friends creatively hang their guitars on a wall with a dedicated spotlight as if it were the Lombardi trophy. Others I know just lean their guitar on the nearest couch.

Don’t be the latter of the two here. And if you need some ideas, this should help.

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Review of the Taylor 300 Series of Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Taylor 300 Series Review | Why I Bring it Everywhere

I’ve been playing my Taylor 310ce for almost 15 years now. I remember mowing hundreds of lawns back in high school, saving up every penny possible to get the best I could afford. It has traveled with me all across the U.S., to Mexico and even out to China.

It looks great and sounds better now than the day I bought it. The bottom line – I love my Taylor 310.

Below I’m going to explain why.

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