Month: October 2014

Ultimate Guide to Loop Pedals (Plus the Top 5 Loop Pedals Compared!)
Guitar Accessories

Guitar Loop Pedals | Ultimate Guide

Over the past decade, guitar loop pedals (also known as “looper pedals”) and rack units have become an increasingly important tool on a guitarists pedal board. Whether you’re an electric guitar player or acoustic guitarist, whether you only play at home or you gig on stage, there’s a ton of value in having a guitar loop pedal at your disposal.

I’ve used a number of loop pedals over the years and over that time I’ve begun to see what features I value and why. Below I’m going to spend some time sharing exactly what a loop pedals is, how to integrate it into your playing, and what are the best loop pedals available on the market for guitars.

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5 different ways to tune your guitar
Guitar Tips

5 Different Ways to Tune a Guitar (& When to Use Them)

Tuning a guitar is a basic skill that every guitarist begins learning the first day they pick up their guitar. It’s not really the act of tuning that’s the skill, though…it’s developing the ear for tuning.

I once heard a well-known guitar luthier in Nashville, Tennessee talk about how the most trained human ear can be as accurate – and sometime even more accurate – than an electronic tuner. It takes years, even decades, to get to this point, however, and even then we need a baseline from which to tune (unless you’re one of the 1 in 10,000 people who has perfect pitch).

Even though the outcome of various tuning methods is the same (get the guitar in tune!), the fact is that different tuning methods are appropriate for different situations. Below I want to share with you five of my favorite tuning methods and how they are best used.

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