Month: February 2015

Guitar Headstock challenge!
Just For Fun

Can You Name a Guitar by its Headstock?

So you think you know guitars? Go ahead and test your knowledge with this simple guitar headstock quiz. It’s harder than you might think!

If you

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Guitar Fail: putting a microphone on the guitar amp head
Just For Fun

10 Guitar Fails that Will Leave You Speechless

Guitar Thief Fail

Just for fun: enjoy these five guitar fails.

In a sadly true story, this young man actually had the nerve to stick an electric guitar down his pants and try to walk out of a local guitar store. Thankfully a store employee had the wherewithal to snap a picture on his phone. Haha!

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Tips for getting great sound playing guitar live on stage
Guitar Tips

5 Tips the Pros Use To Sound Better Live

When you’re playing live it’s important to make sure that you’re coming across in the best way possible. This usually means that you’ll need to employ the same tactics that guitar legends use to blow their audiences away and dominate the spotlight.

But how exactly do these players achieve such amazing live tone and build their fan bases by the hundreds?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you sound like a professional in no time…

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