2016 Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar

Yamaha TransAcoustic

If you want an amazing guitar with the latest technology you have to check out the 2016 Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar. Yamaha has really raised the bar for acoustic guitars with their new model, the LL TA. This guitar allows you to add reverb as well as chorus to the natural sound of an acoustic guitar without ever even plugging it in.

Developed in the Yamaha’s acoustic piano division, the Yamaha TransAcoustic LL TA is a work of art.

It has a solid spruce top with a classic vintage tint finish. A rosewood back along with the sides for an inviting yet strong tone which gives off an excellent sound. The neck is a five ply rosewood and mahogany combination which is very durable against the weather and the usual wear from playing. They’ve gone ahead and rounded the neck as well as the frets for quick smooth playing which is really a nice feature.

What they have done is actually installed an actuator to the inside surface of the back of the guitar. This vibrates as a response to the strings vibrating when you play, giving you authentic reverb and chorus sounds from within your guitar. Simply turn on the TA function by pressing the button and you’re ready to play. You also have a knob for your Reverb room/hall, as well as a chorus knob. These 3 easy controls offer you quite a large variety in your sound. It runs on just 2 AA batteries for up to around 8 hours of play time. It is an acoustic electric guitar.  So you do have the option to plug it in making it an extremely versatile guitar. When it is plugged into either an amp or a line out the TA knob becomes line out volume.  Meanwhile, both of the effects will remain live.


If you already picked one of these fine instruments up, how do you like it compared to your regular acoustic guitar? We’re interested to hear your feedback so feel free to leave us a comment!


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