Month: October 2017

guitar live
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Playing Guitar Live | 5 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Act

Written by Alex Frank fromĀ MusicInstrumentsCenter

Introduction to playing the guitar live

Playing guitar amidst your friends and family can be quite different from playing guitar live. You might have been playing guitar among friends and family and have been doing good. Of course, you are in your comfort zone. In fact, you are the superhero among them, and you had little or nothing to worry about because they have been accepting and praising you for your performances. You feel at home anytime you are performing around them so far things go the way you have always wanted.

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tune a guitar
Guest Posts

Tune A Guitar: A How-To Guide

Written by Nancy Shumate fromĀ

How to Tune a Guitar

One of the most essential skills you can ever acquire as a guitarist is how to properly tune a guitar. Many beginner guitar players give up on their first guitar as soon as they acquire it just because it initially seems impossible for them to make a beautiful sound with it. If you don’t get an expert to tune it for you, or without a proper guidance on how to make it sound good, you can end up feeling terrible about your guitar playing skills. Learning to play a song well might seem to be the toughest part, though using a properly tuned guitar is the secret to a beautiful sound. This tutorial will guide you on how to properly tune your guitar and give it the most appealing sound possible.

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basic music theory
Guest Posts

An Introduction to Basic Music Theory That Every Guitarist Must Know

Written by Glen from

There are plenty of online resources that go into great detail when explaining music theory. However, I find that most of these resources are overly complex and packed full of unnecessary jargon. My goal with this article is to use plain English to describe the basic music theory that every guitarist needs to know.

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