Month: February 2018

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Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Acoustic Playing

Written by Marc-Andre Seguin of

Most serious guitarists own at least one acoustic guitar of the nylon or steel string variety. If you’re a rock, jazz, or experimental guitar player though, you probably spend most of your time working on ideas on some kind of electric guitar. Spending some quality time practicing acoustic guitar can do wonders for your technique overall as well as being rewarding in and of itself. Here are some pointers to help spark your acoustic growth.

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jazz music
Guest Posts

How to Approach Jazz Music

Written by Stef Ramin of

How to approach jazz music ?

To learn jazz music, it is necessary to like this music and thus to become imbued with jazz culture, it is obvious. But what is necessary to listen to first when we come from the classic or from the rock? Here are some ideas.

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