Month: February 2021

guitar tone
Guest Posts

How to Create an Awesome Guitar Tone

Written by Don from Millennium Bug.  
Don can also be found on YouTube.

Calling all guitarists!

Without a great guitar tone, your dazzling technique and mastery of repertoire mean nothing. Cover band guitarists, in particular, are often required to radically change their sound from song to song.

Don from Millennium Bug unravels the mystery of great guitar tone.

It’s a funny thing.  Electric guitarists seem to obsess over the tone of their instrument more than almost any other type of musician.  Yet, they don’t always sound good. There are several reasons for this:

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bass guitars
Guitar Reviews

Top 5 Bass Guitars

Whether you are slapping bass as wild as Fieldy Reggie or are looking to pick up your first one, there are a number of dependable guitars to choose from at all price ranges.

These 5 bass guitars are the best options for a variety of prices. No matter where you are in the learning and playing process any of these bass guitars would be an excellent way to go.

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Guitar Accessories

Best Pedals for Your Guitar

There are tons of different styles of pedals out there for your guitar, each type will bring you a unique new sound for all the various genres of music. Of course some brands are going to outperform others but it is important to keep an open mind and realize that everyone has their own preferences.

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practice tips
Guitar Tips

Learn How to Play the Guitar and Actually Stick With It

Written by Natalie from

If you are a musically inclined person, then playing the guitar is crucial for you whether you are doing it out of hobby or you are pursuing a professional career in the music industry. Learning the guitar may look like a daunting task with its mix of complex chords and style but there’s this age old saying that you have to remember especially when learning how to play the guitar and that’s “Practice makes perfect” nobody becomes a God like guitar player overnight. You have to have patience and dedication to the craft. I know, at times you can’t get in the mood and you might be caught up in a slump, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rally your spirits up and kick yourself out of it.

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