21 Serious Gifts for Guitar Players They’ll Actually Love

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Looking for the gifts guitar players actually love?

It happens every year around my birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day that my wife, family and son ask me what I want as a gift. I think I despise answering that question almost as much as they detest asking it! How do I (a lifelong guitarist) answer them without saying what I really want…something that costs more than their budget will allow.

It makes sense that they would want to gift me something related to the guitar. It’s an obvious passion of mine and they want to show their support. It’s also a lot more fun to give something that I can use with my hobby than something like, say, another tie. Honestly.

So I made a list and broke it out into budgets for them. Many of you reading this now have been looking around for that perfect gift for the person in your life who plays guitar, so I thought it might be useful to share this for your benefit. As a guitarist who has played for almost 30 years, theses are the gifts I never get tired of getting, broken out into the following budgets:

If you can’t find something to give that special someone in the list below, not all hope is lost! I’ve also compiled a list of crazy fun guitar gifts that are meant to get a good laugh, but many guitarists would still love having.

5 Gifts Guitar Players will Love for Under $10

Gifts under $10 are sometimes the hardest! These are the ideas I give my young son who doesn’t have the money to buy his dad something big but still wants to make me happy. It’s also the ideas I give my nieces and nephews who, again, don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

But just because the price tag is under $10 doesn’t mean that the gift has to suck. Below are 5 great ideas that will still bring a smile to your guitar friend or family member’s face.

Guitar Cleaning Tool ($8)

An incredible guitar cleaning tool gift for guitarists

The great thing about this guitar cleaner is that there’s an excellent chance the guitar player you’re buying for doesn’t have one. They might have a cloth and perhaps even some cleaning solution, but when they see this tool they’re sure to be intrigued and pleased. Clothes just can’t get into the small crevices many guitars have.

It’s great for any type of guitar (acoustic, electric or classical) and since it comes in at under $10 it’s really something that every guitar player needs.

Guitar Wall Hanger ($10)

A guitar wall hanger, an excellent gift for guitar players

I have about 3 different wall hangers and I love being able to display my guitars in such an attractive way. There are a number of different types of wall hangers – some are under $10 and others are not – but if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have one, they’ll surely enjoy the option to hang their guitar.

Clip-on Guitar Tuner ($10)

Snark SN-1 Clip-on guitar tuner for guitarists

More than likely, whoever you’re buying a gift for already has a tuner but trust me when I say that having a second one isn’t a bad idea. I have a pedal tuner that I use when I plug into a sound system but when I’m playing acoustically it helps to have a clip-on tuner like the one you see here.

There are a number of other excellent guitar tuner options, but this is one of the few quality tuners that you’ll find under $10.

Personalized Guitar Picks ($6)

Personalized Guitar picks

Every guitarist always needs more guitar picks. I tend to lose them, break them or lend them out. Giving a simple set of guitar picks is pretty boring though, so I’m a huge fan of this very simple, very cheap service that allows you to personalize the picks.

For under $10 you can give the gift of a set of picks with their name on it, their band name or something else that would have special meaning.

Set of Guitar Strings ($5-$10)

Guitar strings - an excellent gift for guitarists

Guitar strings are a tricky gift but are still an excellent option. On the one hand, guitarists always need more strings. On the other hand, many guitarists are very particular about what type of strings they want.

If you’re buying for somebody else, I recommend checking out what strings they already use if you can and try to get those exact same brand of strings. If you don’t have that option, I recommend just buying a safe set like what I’ve shown above for acoustic guitar (the most common string is the “Light”). For more information on guitar strings, you can read up on this comprehensive guide to acoustic guitar strings.

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5 Gifts Guitar Players will Love for Under $25

Once you get up into the $25 price range you have a better selection of gifts to choose from. These are the gifts that can be extremely useful to guitarists and often can make them stop and go “Whoa, I didn’t even know they made that!”.

Guitar to iPhone Adapter ($20)

iRig guitar to iphone adapter, a great gift for guitar players

Did you know that there are apps out there that emulate different guitar pedals or amplifiers? It’s a whole world of mobile fun that many guitarists aren’t fully aware of. One of the barriers to getting into this world is some way to connect their guitar to their iOS device.

That’s where this iRig comes in handy. There are many similar devices that cost upward of $100, but this is a simple adapter that allows a guitar player to plug in their guitar as well as their headphones so that they can play their electric guitar on the go.

iTunes Gift Card ($25)

Give the gift of an iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards may seem like a cop-out but honestly I love getting them. I can use it to buy guitar apps or some music that I’ve been itching to get my hands on.

As an alternative, you can also think about a gift card to Guitar Center or Musician’s Friend, both of which will allow the musician to buy whatever he wants in terms of guitar gear.

Awesome Capo/Tuner Combo ($22)

A combination guitar capo and guitar tuner in one device, a perfect gift

This is one of those cool guitar toys that is both extremely useful and very rare. In other words, there’s an excellent chance the guitarist in your life doesn’t have one, and yet once they open it they’ll immediately be able to use it.

I love my guitar capo and I can’t live without a great guitar tuner but I love the fact that I can have both in one.

Guitar Apparel ($15-25)

A Fender Guitar cap, another gift idea for guitar players

We as guitarists are a very loyal bunch. Personally, I consider myself a “Taylor guy” and I proudly wear this awesome Taylor shirt and a similar ball cap. Other guitarists I know are hardcore Martin fans, Fender players or otherwise.

Whatever their preference, if you just look at the headstock of their favorite guitar and buy them apparel to match, they’re going to love it. This includes but isn’t limited to:

 Acoustic Guitar Sound Enhancement ($17)

Acoustic guitar sound enhancement accessory, an interesting gift idea

This is an interesting accessory that makes an excellent gift, specifically for an acoustic guitar player who owns a lower-priced guitar. More than likely they’ll open this gift and scratch their heads in confusion (it’s not something you’ll commonly find), but you can explain that it is a simple sound enhancement device that, when inserted into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, adds volume and clarity.

Various people have reported less-than-stellar results on high-end guitars, but if they’ve paid less than $500 for their acoustic guitar, this is something any guitarist would enjoy trying out.

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5 Gifts Guitar Players will Love for Under $50

Passing the $25 mark we begin to see some very useful gifts that most guitar players would be incredibly excited to open up. The great thing about these kind of gifts guitar players love is that they are inspirational – a new capo like the Spider Capo below will get the creative juices flowing and the premium guitar care kit will allow them to fall in love with the look of their guitar all over again.

iPad Music Stand Adapter ($35)

iKlip iPad music stand adapter, a great gift for guitarists on stage

For those guitarists who play on stage or who like to use their iPad or tablet device to read music, a music stand adapter is a must-have. It’s a much safer option than just setting the device on a regular music stand (mine has fallen to the ground multiple times unfortunately) and there’s more viewing angle options.

If you combine this with the iRig guitar adapter mentioned above, this can become a mobile guitar effects rig!

Premium Guitar Care Kit ($30)

A premium guitar care kit for acoustic and electric guitars

All guitar players know they need to take good care of their guitars and while most of them do, oftentimes we don’t have the right tools to do so. This may not seem like much, but this premium guitar kit is incredibly useful to take a guitar that’s been played for years and make it look brand new.

It doesn’t matter of their guitar is worth $50 or $5,000, this is a kit that they will be happy and eager to use. And if they’re not quite sure how to clean there guitar, you can forward them this simple guide 🙂

Guitar Stand and Stool ($48)

A guitar stand and stool all in one!

Does the person you’re buying for practice their guitar while sitting on a kitchen stool or folding chair? Then a player’s stool is a must. Not only does it provide a little height, it also gives players a place to rest their leg, which I know most of us like to do.

I personally like the above stand/stool combo for those players that play on stage often, but if it’s just for somebody who is playing at home you can consider a professional guitar stool which is about the same price.

Power for the Pedal Board ($45)

Power for the pedal board, a gift for the electric guitarist

I know this may look weird, but if you know an electric guitarist who has a lot of effects pedals, these things are a lifesaver! What it does is take away the mess of power cables on your pedal board by allowing you to plug all your pedals into one box for power. It also makes powering on and off simple with just one switch.

Take a look at the guitarists pedal board. If you see them using a plug strip with wires going everywhere, this is a gift they would love using.

The Most Amazing Capo EVER ($30)

The spider capo, the most versatile capo ever developed.

Does the guitarist you know enjoy playing in different tunings or do they own a variety of different capos? Do they listen to the likes of Phil Keaggy, Harvey Reid or Chris Proctor? If so, they’ll likely enjoy this spider capo.

This capo allows you to capo strings individually, instead of the entire set of 6 that most capos force you to do. The Spider is a high-quality capo that can essentially replace all the other capos they might own and looks really, really cool.

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5 Gifts Guitar Players will Love for Under $100

With a budget of at least $100, your options are wide open for gift giving! I wish all my family had that kind of budget for my birthday or Christmas 🙂 The items below should give you an idea of where you should focus your effort looking for the right gift that won’t be a waste of that $100.

Guitar Looper Pedal ($95)

Guitar looper pedal for acoustic and electric guitar players

Guitar pedals are a tricky gift – it’s difficult to know which pedals the guitarist you know could actually use. There is one pedal, however, that in my experience is always a welcome addition to any pedal board – the looper pedal. This is true for both the electric guitar player and the acoustic guitar player.

A looper pedal is especially helpful for use at home where you can play chords and then the looper pedal will play that back, allowing the guitar player to solo over themselves. I know, it sounds weird at first but trust me, it’s truly addictive. The possibilities are endless – just watch this YouTube video for proof!

Quality Headphones ($90)

Beats Headphones for a guitar player

This should go without saying, but musicians are picky about sound. When we listen to our music we want it to be crisp, clear and full. Oh, and we also like to be trendy as well.

Although there are plenty of headphones you can find at a cheaper price, none will provide the same quality and “wow” effect as a gift than these Beats ear buds. They offer noise isolation and even allow you to take phone calls from your smartphone.

Starter Kit for the Beginner Guitarist ($60)

Guitar starter kit for beginner guitarists

Are you buying for a beginner guitar player who’s just getting started? Maybe they have a guitar but that’s about it – then this kind of starter kit is incredibly welcome. Not only does it provide necessities like a universal soft case, picks and a tuner, but there’s also guitar care items, a guitar stand, a strap and a beginner DVD series.

Buying all of these items separately would add up to be a lot more than $100, so it might not even be a bad idea to get a couple people together to purchase this pack.

Boss Guitar Pedals ($70-$100)

Boss guitar pedals as a gift for guitar players

Check pricing and reviews on Amazon

For those who are a bit more brave, you can get most any Boss pedal for under $100. Boss pedals are an industry standard that are great quality – any electric guitarists is sure to use and love these.

The downside is that you have to check and make sure that they don’t already have the pedal in their lineup.  It’s helpful to know if they are particularly interested in a specific effect. If you feel confident about this, though, these pedals are great.

Electric Guitar “EBow” Electric Bow ($100)

The electronic ebow, a great gift for the electric guitar player

For the electric guitar player, an ebow is one of those accessories that any respectable player has in their arsenal. Used in place of a pick, an ebow uses magnets to create a bowing effect. This is an effect similar to that of a violin or cello. You’ve heard it used many times in your favorite music – you just probably didn’t know it.

Giving the gift of an ebow opens up a new world of sound for an electric guitar player and it’s something they’re sure to love.

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1 Gift Every Guitar Player Loves

Of course there is one gift that any guitar player would absolutely love.   A new guitar.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “You’re crazy! You think I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars on a guitar I’m not even sure they’re going to like? I’d rather they just pick it out themselves!” And you might be right, but hear me out.

The biggest struggle that many of us guitarists face is mobility. It’s such a hassle to pack up our guitar and haul it everywhere. Especially if it’s just to jam around with friends. What we’d love is a travel guitar that sounds good but is easier to pack-n-go.

Luckily those guitars exists – and thankfully there are plenty of good ones to choose from.

Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Little Martin Acoustic Guitar


Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

Both the Little Martin and the Baby Taylor can be purchased for around $300 and are an excellent addition to any guitarists collection (and if that’s your price point, here are 5 more great guitars under $300). They may not have asked for a new guitar, but I guarantee you they’ll be thankful you gave them one!

I know I would 🙂

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Remember, if you didn’t find something on this particular list of gifts that you think is appropriate, check out my other collection of funny, crazy gift ideas for guitarists. If you can’t find anything in these two place…I think you’re best just looking for something not related to guitars 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful! Leave a comment to let me know what you think or contact me with other questions. Happy gift buying!

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33 thoughts on “21 Serious Gifts for Guitar Players They’ll Actually Love

  1. Many thanks for the tips Josh – there’s a few there that should keep the guitar enthuasists in my family happy – its hard to find ideas when there are soooooo many guitars in our house 🙂

    1. My pleasure! Glad you found it all useful, Sinead, and best of luck with all those guitars in the house 😉

  2. Absolutely love your web site and really need your advice.

    I am looking for a gift for a friend that got married. They love to entertain. He has played the electric guitar all his life. He is left handed but played right handed. For the last 5 years he is working on playing left handed. They just moved into a new house where he designed his music room.

    I looked at your list and was going to send him a box of different things. The tool kit, ice tray, keys, MusicNomad cleaner, SpiderCapo Standard Tuning Capo, Kyser KG6EG Guitar Capo, 316 Wallet Essentials Guitar Plectrums Picks, IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig guitar interface adaptor for iOS devices and a wallet. I will end up spending about $200.00.

    Here is where I need your help. Would you rather get a box of crazy thing OR one big item? I really want to give him something great. From someone who had played you life, if you think one thing would be better, what would that be?


    1. Hey Cydney, thanks so much for your comment and your kind words about this site!

      First of all…you’re an awesome friend! If I were him I would be quite happy whether you got me $200 worth of smaller items or one big item. Here’s my advice: unless you know that “one thing” that he would buy if he had $200 just lying around, it’s risky to make a guess. We guitarists are a picky bunch and although we would love any new pedal you could buy with $200, chances are he’s been eyeing that one pedal that he’ll wish you had bought. Make sense?

      He’ll enjoy the list you shared, for sure. Perhaps he has some of the items but I’m 99% sure he’ll be happy to have another 🙂

      Hope that helps!


      1. agreed…I bought one years ago for the serious guitar player in my family and it is often used. inexpensive and playful. if they play often with others, they can make them picks as well

        2nd place, more expensive but also very useful…$70+ and up…a portable digital audio recorder that can be quickly and easily setup to record any session, plenty of them out there

  3. My boyfriend plays a little, less than he used to, and i was hoping to get him a gift for Valentine’s Day that would motivate him to play more. (No selfish reasons there. *whistles*). I was thinking strings and picks, but I know NOTHING about guitars. Maybe a set of light and medium (so he can choose based on his own preference), some picks, and that nifty spider capo you posted would be nice? I’m afraid he’d be picky about the strings but it’s been so long since he’s had new ones I think he’d be okay with any. I hope he likes it. 🙂

    1. I don’t think he’s going to be as picky as you think 🙂 Most guitarists like a specific brand of strings – yes – but we don’t mind having an extra set of anything in our case for emergencies. Besides, if he hasn’t changed his strings in a while he might be willing to try anything new. Ha!

      Your gift array sounds good. I think he’ll really appreciate it!

  4. I have a couple that Vox makes, the AmPlug which is a tiny little amp that you hook into your electric guitar and listen to with your headphones. It has tone control, volume, and gain I think. It also comes in bass form. Those all run between $40 and $60. Also Vox makes some headphones that work the same way as the AmPlug. The difference is that your headphones plug directly into the guitar. It’s called the AmPhone and runs at around $75-$99.

  5. I,m looking for a wooden guitar stool for my husband. I’d like it to be made with some better wood and a simple design. Do you know where I could find one? It’d be great if the guitar could rest on it somehow too. Thanks so much!

  6. As a guitarist, this is actually a good list. The other ones I’ve seen have the same junk stuff as most other “what to buy the _____ in your life” lists. Like _____ themed (or shaped) coffee mugs, pillows, ties, Ijunk, and various other novelty crap that inevitably winds up in the dump or at goodwill.

    You could also add straps to the under $10 list.

    I would, however, ditch the Itunes card and replace it with a music store gift card from Guitar Center, Sam Ash, or even Musician’s friend. That way they can buy the specific strings or picks of their personal preference. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I really appreciate your input, Chris! Glad you enjoyed the list.

      Not a bad idea with the gift card…perhaps I’ll add some of the others as options and just have it as a “Gift Card” gift option.

      Either way, thanks for the comment!

    2. Another good music store would be Long & Mcquade’s Music Store (If you or they live in Canada that is)

  7. Dear Josh,
    Please don’t forget custom hand painted (in Tennessee) gig bags (or Purses for Mom) from ViolettesbyBecky.com. Band logo or initials, or even your pet can be painted on them. They hold spare strings and picks and even concert tickets. They will be on the holiday recommended list in the Nash Country Weekly Magazine on Black Friday. In addition we have a Youth songwriter competition for ages 10 thru 18. Submittals are score and recording (MP-3 or you tube) on-line. Professional judges give encouraging constructive feedback for each entry. For details and prizes, See http://www.ViolettesbyBecky.com. Do you have a better place to post this on your site?

  8. Great post Josh, I’d love one of those capo tuners. I’ll send my Mrs over to your page to get a few hints for Christmas prezzies. 🙂

  9. I know this is old but I thought I’d comment anyway. I play guitar and I read this thinking what if my other half who knows nothing about guitar read this?

    Boss pedals are a no go for me. It’s not snobbery, I just have found myself underwhelmed with every boss pedal I have tried.

    The clip on tuner is garbage. The polytune clip on tuner is more accurate. Although I don’t think this was out when this article was written.

    People have bought me plectrums in the past. I’ve never used them as I only use one type of plectrum.

    I stick to the same strings each time so I have consistency. So if someone buys me other makes of strings, I probably would never use them.

  10. My dad’s birthday is coming up and I never know what to get him and so I really appreciate you listing off all of these gift ideas, especially the one about the EBow. He had played guitar for about 40 years, but I have never seen him use and electric bow before. However, I think that it would be a pretty cool gadget to get him and so I just might consider it, but are there any that are cheaper than $100?

  11. This is a great list. Got my husband a Capo and the e-bow. He hadn’t heard of either item and was thrilled. Won that Birthday because of you. Thanks!

  12. Does anyone have suggestions for an experienced guitarists who just picked up some lessons for the steel slide guitar? I think that’s what it’s called.. it is silver metal and stands on legs and has pedals. thanks

  13. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways,
    just wanted to say great blog!

  14. most of this is garbage. Bullshit. the ebow is interesting. and we all need loopers. put a little effort into it man

  15. Nice respond in return of this issue with
    real arguments and explaining the whole thing on the topic of that.

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