21 Serious Gifts for Guitar Players They’ll Actually Use

21 Serious Gifts
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The holiday season is here! We know how finding a gift that your guitar player will actually use can be somewhat of a challenge. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put this list together of

21 serious gifts that your guitar player will absolutely love

To make it even easier our list is categorized by skill level to help you find the perfect present in no time.

Even the simplest accessory can be a meaningful gift for the everyday player.

Beginner – These items are great for helping new students quickly learn proper techniques.

  • Tuner– It may take some time before being able to tune a guitar by ear so having a tuner around is very helpful.

  • Fretboard Note Decals– These decals stick right on the neck of the guitar making learning easier than ever. 

  • Picks– A pick can be a difficult thing to keep track of, it’s nice to have plenty of extra just incase. 

  • Self Teaching Book– Plenty of the greats taught themselves to play, learning the fundamentals will speed up the process. 

  • Stand– This is a great stand that will keep a large variety of acoustic and classical guitars safe. 

  • Finger Strengthener– This will help new players with those hard to reach chords as well as their playing speed. 

  • Case– A must have for traveling, cases are also great for keeping all of your guitar stuff in one place. 

Intermediate – Guitar players in the process of learning.

  • Phone Holder– stick your phone right to the guitar for things like reading notes or watching lessons on youtube.

  • Fret Practice Tool– This portable 6 fret tool is small enough to travel around for quite on the go practice. 

  • Guitar Chord Rubber Stamp– When you are learning to play it helps to write out certain things, this stamp has 12 fret which will save you a lot of time. 

  • Finger Picks– If your guitar player is interested in learning how to pick these will give them a huge advantage.


  • Strap– A comfortable strap keeps the guitar safe and off the ground in most playing situations (especially if playing while standing), and specific model can hold 3 picks.


  • Soloing DVD– Helps beginners learn to solo with ease. 

  • String Action Ruler– It’s important to make adjustments when needed, this will help them know the right measurements. 

Advanced – For the everyday guitar player.

  • Vibes Earplugs– These earplugs are great for anyone who is jamming for any length of time and much more (see our previous article Vibes). 


  • Music Software– Takes playing to the next level with 6 different sound libraries! 

  • Tool Kit & String Organizer– Bundled for convenience, all the tools your guitar player will need to make adjustments to their guitar and keep all of their stings in one clean place. 

  • Slide– These are pretty fun to mess around with for some unique sounds (see our article on slides here).

  • Transducer– This essentially turns an acoustic into an acoustic/electric guitar, allowing them to plug into an amp. 

  • Contoured Cushion– Ideal for sitting and playing for awhile, the sponge material makes the guitar much more comfortable on your thigh. 

  • Capos– This holds strings in place making chord changes fast and easy when playing. 


If you play guitar which of these 21 serious gifts would be on the top of your list? Also, let us know how your guitar player likes the gift that you got for them. We love hearing from you!

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