5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners | A Buyers Guide

Acoustic Guitar Tuners

No matter what level of guitarist you are – from a beginner guitarist to a professional –  acoustic guitar tuners are an essential piece of equipment to have with you wherever you go. This ultimate buyer’s guide will help you research and choose the best acoustic guitar tuner.

I’ve had more tuners in my 20 years of playing guitar than I care to count and in that time I’ve learned that not all tuners are created equal. Not only are there different quality tuners, there are also different types of tuners to be used in different situations.

Therefore, I’ve decided to approach this guitar tuner guide from two angles: first is the different kinds of acoustic guitar tuners followed by the top 5 best acoustic guitar tuners for each of these categories.

Let me know if this was helpful to you in the comments below and please share with those who might find it useful!

Clip-On Acoustic Guitar Tuners

Clip on Acoustic Guitar TunerOne of the most popular types of acoustic guitar tuner today is the clip on tuner because it’s cheap, compact, and easy to use.

Most clip-on acoustic guitar tuners are clipped onto the headstock of the guitar and detect the vibration of the guitar through the clip. The advantages of clip-ons are huge! Clip-on tuners:

  • work well in a loud environment without a problem
  • can be hidden behind the headstock
  • are usually quite accurate
Brand Speed Pro Tuner On Guitar Snark SN-1 Intellitouch PT10 Korg AW2G
Digital Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Precision +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent
Chromatic Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Weight .8 Ounces 1 Ounce .2 Ounces 1.6 Ounces .6 Ounces
Rating 5/5 Stars 4.5/5 Stars 4.4/5 Stars 4/5 Stars 5/5 Stars
Pricing Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


In conclusion, for those who need something quick and relatively cheap, a clip on tuner is the way to go.

A Pedal Chromatic Tuner, the best Acoustic Guitar Tuner on the marketPedal Tuners for Acoustic Electric

For those who own an acoustic electric guitar and tend to play gigs, a pedal tuner seems like the acoustic guitar tuner of choice.

Not only is it more accurate, a pedal tuner can also act as a mute switch, and A/B router and many other things. It also just looks a lot more professional than a clip-on tuner, which may or may not be a big deal to you.

There are a few different pedal tuners below, but I’m going to go ahead and say here that the best pedal tuner BY FAR is the Boss TU-3 tuner. More acoustic guitarists use this one more than any other tuner.  And, it is one of the best quality tuners available on the market today.

There is a new brand called Polytune Pedal Tuner, however, that has introduced an incredible new feature: now instead of just plucking one string at a time you can strum your guitar and it will tell you which strings are sharp or flat. A much quicker way to tune your acoustic guitar!

Brand Boss TU-3 Polytune Pedal Tuner Korg DT10 ModTone MT-PT1 Behringer TU300
Digital Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Precision +/- 1 cent +/- .1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent
Chromatic Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Weight 14 Ounces 10 Ounces 14 Ounces 10 Ounces 13 Ounces
Rating 5/5 Stars 5/5 Stars 4.5/5 Stars 4/5 Stars 3.8/5 Stars
Buy Now

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Buy Now

Buy Now

Buy Now


In conclusion, I highly recommend you spend the extra money on the Boss or the Polytune. These two will last you decades and you’ll be glad you have them.

Standalone Acoustic Guitar Tuners

There are some people who prefer a more traditional approach to tuning, therefore, a standalone acoustic guitar tuner. There are actually some advantages to using these tuners that I’ll explain below.  But the major disadvantage is the use of a tuning mic.

Because the standalone guitar tuner uses a microphone to pick up the sound, any ambient noise causes inaccuracies. That means that in order to tune your guitar you need to be in a very quiet environment away from any distracting noises.

The plus side to a standalone acoustic guitar tuner is that they usually come with some interesting features. There are some like the Korg TM50 that have a built-in metronome (very useful for a beginner acoustic guitarist) and one that even has a digital chord chart like the Quik Tune GP1.

In conclusion, whatever you decide to get, make sure you get a chromatic tuner (in case you ever want to deviate from the standard tuning).

Brand Quik Tune GP1 Korg TM50 Yamaha YT-150 Korg CA1 Korg GA1
Digital Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Precision +/- 1 cent +/- .1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent +/- 1 cent
Chromatic Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes Check for yes
Weight 7 Ounces 5.1 Ounces 6 Ounces 3 Ounces 3 Ounces
Rating 4.5/5 Stars 4.5/5 Stars 4.5/5 Stars 4.3/5 Stars 4.4/5 Stars
Buy Now

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Other Acoustic Guitar Tuners

The above three guitar tuner categories cover almost all of the tuners you would want.  But there are a couple others that I want to mention as well.

On-Board Tuner

There are some guitars that come with an on-board tuner that might be perfect for what you need. Check your guitar electronics and make sure that there’s not a small button that says “tuner”.

There are also quite a few beginner guitars that come with a tuner on board.  One example is the Takamine EG124C Classical guitar.  These tuners are usually just a small LED screen on the top portion of the body of the guitar.

Mobile App Guitar Tuners

It is especially relevant that nowadays you can get free or cheap versions of a mobile app guitar tuner. They use the microphone of the phone, which is usually accurate enough a beginner, however, it works much better if you buy a guitar to mobile device adapter.

Most of the free guitar tuner apps, however, don’t work really well.  Nevertheless, you can still get a quality iPhone guitar tuner.

In addition to tuner apps, it is possible to use a free online guitar tuner when you’re on your desktop.

Crazy Capo Tuner

Lastly, I’ve already talked about capos in my Ultimate Guitar Capo Guide.  One thing I didn’t mention, though, is one of the most interesting mashups of guitar accessories I’ve ever seen.

It’s the guitar capo and tuner combo. I’ve never used it myself but it definitely has that “wow” effect since it’s not a common sight.

19 thoughts on “5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners | A Buyers Guide

  1. Thanks for including our clip on tuner (MAC Music Accessories SpeedPro) in your review. We are proud to offer a FREE 3-year guarantee on our tuner. We can do this because of the durability of our tuner. Want to see how durable the SpeedPro is? Watch this durability test: http://youtu.be/4WKt4_DLmms

    Rock On!
    Stacey M.
    MAC Music Accessories

  2. Even though I had used Korgs before, I had purchased and used the Korg AW2G, and finally it came apart while tuning for a gig. NO! For that reason, I would not recommend this tuner. I am now trying out one that I purchased advertised on Facebook. (Better serves the purpose, and I just had to pay postage.)

  3. I own 2 guitar tuners and i have no complaints.1 is the korg ca-20 its an oldie but a goodie,i use it for my acoustics or electric/acoustic when i go to my friends house to jam,but when its time to go out and jam out,i never leave home without it,and thats my boss chromatic tuner,after a few songs you can check out to see if your in tune just shuts eveything off and once your set one little step and your live again.

  4. Hi

    Do clip on guitar tuners work with ‘classical’ guitars which (as you know) include three ‘nylon’ stings – or do all the strings have to be metal in order for the tuner to work?

    1. Clip-ons like the Snarks work by picking up vibrations through the head stock, so yes they do. I use my Snark on my classical Yamaha and have for years. It also works on my granddaughter’s uke, by the way, so all in all, it doesn’t seem to matter too much what instrument it is as long as it vibrates!

  5. I’m pretty happy with my Korg Pitchhawk-G clip-on tuner…

    Excellent for tuning all my acoustics, electrics as well as basses. Range from 436Hz to 445Hz, from 0 to -5 flat and works great with capo tunings. All this at a low price. However – When gigging I rather use my Boss TU-2. There is a new version out now, Korg Pitchhawk-G2, with color LED display. Don’t know what else might differ…

  6. The Snark brand is the best and most versatile model I have known ever since I started using clip on models.

  7. Not to age myself but my first acoustic tuner was a pitch pipe. They’re a terrible idea for beginners who don’t know pitch from a hole in the ground, but at the same time they do help you develop an ear for that kind of thing.

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