5 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

electric guitars under $1000

If you have been playing the guitar for very long you know that you are always in the market for a new one. Whether you have been playing for years or you are just starting out, if you are willing to spend a bit of money to buy a new electric guitar, then our list of the 5 best electric guitars under $1000 just might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Fender American Special Stratocaster

First of all, we decided to go with the Fender American Special Stratocaster for a few reasons. Not only is the Strat a perfect guitar to learn on, it can also hit a nice range of thicker tones while maintaining clarity for a great sounding guitar. You might even lose track of how long you’ve been playing for because you can really get comfortable while you’re playing thanks to the “belly cut” design. You can’t go wrong by choosing a Stratocaster.

Gibson Les Paul

The second of the electric guitars we picked out is this year’s Gibson Les Paul. With a few colors to choose from they did a great job of keeping everything traditional for the classic sound. Most of all, they are even saying that 2016 is Gibson’s best year ever.

Epiphone “1984” Explorer EX

Next we thought you might enjoy the Epiphone “1984” Explorer EX. This guitar has some great updates of the classic design.  It’s a great pick for a single volume, single tone control electric guitar.

Yamaha Pacifica PAC611VFM RTB Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Fourth up we have the Yamaha Pacifica PAC611VFM RTB Solid-Body Electric Guitar. There are a lot of perks when you choose this guitar besides the large color selection. All of the electric guitars in this series are really beautifully crafted and if you are just starting out this guitar is a great option for the money.

Godin Session Electric Guitar

Last but not least we have the Godin Session Electric Guitar. It is made up of a solid body and a smooth finish for comfortable play. This guitar has 3 Godin pickups, a tone knob and a volume knob, a 5 way switch, whammy bar, and a push pull knob so you can really tune in your style.

Feedback on Electric Guitars

All these electric guitars are pretty solid options but what do you think? We’d love to hear your top pick. Feel free to comment.

4 thoughts on “5 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

  1. you can’t go wrong with a Pacifica.The one I have is a black 112v and comparing it with my Fender Deluxe Srat it stands well(differences though!).It stays in tune(I blocked the trem as on the Fender),plays wonderful,is light and the pups are Ok.
    I would buy it again with no hesitation.It was well set up when I got it from a French
    shop named Cultura rather in books,Dvds and the like.It had a little chunk on the body so I had it for 210 euros.Lucky!It’s my workhorse now.And I have many different expensive guitars I could play.Go,dive and buy one,it’s more than a beginner’s guitar

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