5 Easy Guitar Songs with Only 3 Chords

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5 Easy Guitar Songs With Only 3 Chords

When starting out on guitar, it really helps you to keep motivated if you can grab a few easy wins. With that in mind, here is a list of easy guitar songs that only use 3 chords. It isn’t always the case that songs with fewer chords are easier to play but it can certainly help matters!

Some of the songs we’ve listed are easier than others.  And, even though there aren’t many chords, some of them will have slightly more complex rhythm patterns. There isn’t anything too difficult to get stuck in!

Love Me Do (G, D and C)

This was the Beatles first single and is a great little song to learn.  You’ve got to have a Beatles song in your repertoire haven’t you? Most people will be familiar with the song so it shouldn’t take too long to pick up. It’s in the key of G and uses the chords of G, D and C (All pretty easy chords to play). The rhythm pattern adds interest to the song but is fairly straightforward to grasp. Because the song is in 4/4, it might be a good idea to start out with a quarter notes strumming pattern and then start adding the more interesting rhythm once you’ve got your timing down.

I’m a Believer (G, C and D)

Neil Diamond actually wrote this Monkees classic. It was a number one hit in the US for 7 weeks. Fortunately, it uses the same chords as ‘Love Me Do’.  So, if you’ve already learned how to play that, this tune shouldn’t cause you any problems. If you want, you could add a D7 in there and maybe even an F (I couldn’t leave her if I tried).  However, you can play the song with just G, C and D. The rhythm is relatively simple but it might be best if you start the song at a slightly slower tempo before building your speed up.

Wild Thing (A, D and E)

Here we have another sixties classic which was written by Chip Taylor and recorded by The Troggs in 1966. The song is in the key of A and uses the major chords of A, D and E. This is a great song for beginners and was probably the first song a lot of guitarists ever learned to play. You can play this with a fairly simple rhythm pattern.  But it sounds better if you try to follow the recording. As with the other songs we’ve mentioned, it might be best if you start with a basic strumming pattern before adding the variations found in The Troggs version.

Bad Moon Rising (D, A and G)

In the key of D, this is a really catchy song that has been used in countless films (An American Werewolf in London, The Big Chill etc.).  And it is a real crowd pleaser. Released in 1969 by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), the song was written by their lead singer and guitarist John Fogerty. It uses the basic chords of D, A and G but the strumming pattern can be fairly tricky to nail. Once you’ve got it though, it’s a really great song to play.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (D, A and G)

Finally, in the same key as the CCR song (and using the same chords), we have Deep Blue Something’s 90’s hit. There are a few sus2 and sus4 chords in there but you could add these once you’ve got the basis of the song down. As with some of the other songs, the rhythm on this can be a bit tricky to start with.  But, as we’ve mentioned before, if you start out slowly and build your speed up, it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.


So there we have it, 5 fairly easy guitar songs that use only 3 chords. As it turns out, you only actually need 5 chords in order to be able to play every one of these tunes (G, D, C, A and E).  So that should help you see some quick results. If you can add them to your repertoire, it should give your playing a great little boost. We hope you enjoy learning them!

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