5 Exciting Ways to Display Your Guitar

5 Exciting ways to display your guitar

Your guitar display tells a lot about how much you value it. Some of my friends creatively hang their guitars on a wall with a dedicated spotlight as if it were the Lombardi trophy. Others I know just lean their guitar on the nearest couch.

Don’t be the latter of the two here. And if you need some ideas, this should help.

I want to briefly cover a few of the most creative and exciting ways I’ve seen to display a guitar, whether that’s an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar or any type of mini-guitar. Some are basic, others would require time and money to implement.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your room is properly humidified to protect the guitar.

#1 Un-Boring Guitar Stands

If you’re like me, you already have one of those simple 3-foot guitar stands that does the job and folds up for easy storage. I used this until I realized that there are much more stylish ways to stand a guitar up in a room. Why be boring?

One of the first things I did since I own a Taylor 310 Series guitar, is grab their beautiful solid-wood stand ($70). It’s amazing how much using a wooden stand compliments the colors of the guitar.

The beautiful solid wood Taylor Guitar stand

Of course, I know some people who would prefer not to have a generic wood stand, in which case I recommend the Cooper Stand Pro (they even have one for dual guitars). It runs about $40.

The Cooper Stand Pro-G Guitar stand

Not only does this stand have a professional look, it also conveniently folds away for storage.

#2 The Hanging Display Stand

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, I’m a huge fan of the Fender-made “hanging display stand” (approx. $90). I doubt you’ve seen it before – it’s not very common – but that’s exactly what’s going to make people go “wow” when they see it.

The Fender Hanging Guitar Stand, a beautiful option for displaying your guitar

This hanging display stand fits most any guitar or bass and is properly padded to protect from any dings or scratches. More than that, it’s simply just an elegant way to display your guitar, Fender or otherwise.

#3 The Creative Wall Hanger

Just like the guitar stand, there are numerous cheap wall hangers you can buy and screw into your wall. I’ve done this in my home quite a bit but recently I was introduced to a few more creative ways to hang my guitar.

The first is an ingeniously designed, gravity-activated headlock hanger that not only looks cool, it makes sure that the guitar won’t fall even if somebody bumps into it.

Headlock Guitar Hanger

The hanger, designed by a company called D&A ($35), comes in black/white colors and is safe for all finishes (something you should consider when buying any hanger).

Second, I always smile when I see a guitar hung with a “grip hanger” (approx. $35). It’s a bit edgier for my style as an acoustic guitarists, but I can see this being the perfect hanging solution for a heavy-metal guitarist.

Grip Hanger Guitar wall mount

Finally, who says you have to hang your guitar vertically? Give it a little horizontal tilt and you’ll be amazed at how much different it looks. (approx $30)

String Swing Horizontal Guitar Holder for your wall

#4 Custom-Made Guitar Stands

Everything I’ve mentioned above shouldn’t put you back more than $50 (except the hanging display stand which was around $80).  But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, custom solution to displaying your guitar, be prepared to shell out a bit more cash.

One of my favorites by far is this custom “Bird’s Eye Maple Guitar Stand” that runs about $375 online. This would make even a $200 guitar look like it’s worth thousands!

Creative guitar stand hanger

Another custom-made option to consider is a guitar stand/stool combo. You can buy cheaper versions than this (this particular one runs almost $900!), but it wouldn’t look nearly as elegant.

A custom-made guitar stand and stool in one

#5 Custom-Made Built-in Displays

The final option for an exciting guitar display is also the most difficult to implement. Unless you plan on renovating your man-cave in the near future you can tuck this idea away for later use.

Built-in displays, which usually include custom lighting, give your guitar a permanent home that looks incredible. Take this as an example:

Custom built-in display for guitars


When you display your guitar like art, it gives attention to the craftsmanship and details that we often forget exists.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to display your guitar.  It doesn’t take much to change that boring guitar stand into something that’s worthy of displaying your awesome guitar.

I did, and I’ve never looked back!

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    1. I agree, Gary. It’s not something you see often, so it stands out as something people would definitely take notice of when they see your guitar on the wall!

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