5 Perfect Wedding Songs for Acoustic Guitar

A guitar player playing his acoustic guitar at a wedding

Wedding music serves a crucial function on the big day. The wedding band is expected to set the tone, not merely for the joyous occasion, but for the start of a lifelong journey shared by two people. Wedding songs must be carefully selected to mark the significance of the day.

While the playlist can and should be tailored to reflect the unique stories of the bride and groom, certain classics are nearly universally appropriate. The solo guitarist, or the wedding band that features an acoustic guitar, is sure to find success with the numbers on this list.

1. In My Life by The Beatles

This instantly recognizable classic is certain to entice couples to the dance floor. Its tender and catchy lyrics speak fondly of friends and loved ones while ultimately placing the object of affection above all else. Mingling friends and family will receive musical tribute while being reminded of the true reason for the day. The universal melodic appeal of the Beatles will touch members of every generation, and the sentiment expressed in the song will set a joyous tone for the road ahead.

2. Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley

This memorable number adequately blends tender sentimentality and classic appeal. Elvis’s music enjoys universal popularity across generational divides, and the romantic sentiment expressed in these lyrics will touch wedding guests of all ages. The chorus “Oh my darling, I love you and I always will” will ring in their minds for days to come.

Beautiful Acoustic Guitar

3. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Striking the perfect balance between sacred imagery and romantic longing, this song fits beautifully into the canon of wedding music. Its simple, heartfelt chorus invites the listener to sing along, and the words have a way of penetrating the heart. Its timeless beauty lies in its simplicity. Much like the wedding ceremony itself, it addresses the subject of romantic love in the language of the holy.

4. Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

This is another classic love song with universal appeal. Its lyrics speak of eternal hope and undying love, two themes that could hardly be better-suited to the wedding day. Its simple melody and achingly tender lyrics convey the kind of honesty one seeks in a lifelong love. The timeless beauty of the song is sure to move the young and old alike. It represents the sentiment one hopes to feel at the start of a lifelong journey.

5. Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel

This is the first choice of many a bride to serenade her entrance. Its hauntingly beautiful melody seems to have been written to adorn such a joyous event. Sophistication and classical appeal are the hallmarks of this piece. Some brides would enter to no other. This tune is a mandatory part of any wedding guitarist’s repertoire.


As previously stated, the musical selections for each wedding should be individualized to fit the event. The above suggestions share a common universal appeal that will meet the musical needs of most weddings. These five songs are good additions to the repertoire of any wedding musician. However, they are merely suggestions and should be considered only within the scope of your needs.

This post comes from Sarah, a big fan of the band Penny Lane, a group of professional musicians who have an amazing repertoire of guitar driven songs that they love to belt out at Melbourne weddings.

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