5 Things To Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar

buying an acoustic guitar
Written by Joe from GuitarReviewed.com
Finding the right Acoustical Guitar can be a long and drawn out process unless…

Music and the playing of music is bigger than ever Today, People are looking for ways to entertain and be entertained. With the high cost of travel abroad, going to a concert or a local venue provides you with an evening of pleasure with your friends and family at less cost. This has caused a surge in guitar sales with acoustical guitars staging a big comeback over the electric variety. Today, if you are one of those who wants to learn how to play or are switching to acoustic guitars you need to read the following to help you get the one that will give you hours of pleasure, entertain those around you, and perhaps launch you on a musical career. We have 5 things you should be thinking about before you buy your first acoustic guitar.

Consideration #1: Brand

This may sound a bit obvious. But many just walks into a musical instrument showroom or even a pawn shop and plop down their hard earned cash base on what they see on display. For Electric guitars this could be a workable way to get a good one. However, acoustical guitars are much different. It’s the hidden thinks that make a good or great one. The materials, the shape of the body and even the glue that holds the wood together all affect the sound and the tone of the music you hear. Names like Ibanez, Fender, Yamaha, and of course Martin should be your first choices. Talk it over with any pro guitarists you meet as well reading the guitar trade magazines. The internet also can help, take a look at amazon and read up on reviews on sites like GuitarReviewed to see what they have to say.

Consideration #2: Decide on a Genre of music you wish to play

Genre has a great deal of bearing on the type of music you intend to play. A Flamenco guitar is not the same as a Country or Bluegrass guitar. If you want to sing the Blues and do Folk music you need a different acoustic footprint. Again use social networking, magazines, and reviews to find what you need.

Consideration #3: Strings alone can change the entire character of the music you will play

Electric guitars have a wide range of sound altering devices from Fuzz, Vibrato, and the old WA WA pedal of the 60s and 70s. Today, computers process the sound before it reaches the amp to your ears. But, you don’t have any of those things to help you. So, your choice in the strings can make a major difference in the sound you make while you are playing. Gold, Silver, Brass, and Alloy strings all have different acoustical signatures. You can even use nylon, natural fibers, and steel to get just the right sound you are looking for.

Consideration #4: Shape and properties of the acoustic cavity of the guitar

Resonance and echo take place inside the box of the guitar. From here you get the rich sounds that melt hearts and inflame the emotions. Listen to the sounds that come out of the guitar you are thinking of buying to see what you feel when you strum a few chords. Your ear will be your best friend in this endeavor. Remember these properties are why a Stradivarius violin is worth a million or more dollars. You want the best sound you can get from your guitar as well.

Consideration #5: The material and anchoring of the Bridge

This often overlooked feature of an acoustical guitar can make or break your musical endeavors. This critical piece of yours transmit the sound to the inside of the body and from there to the ear of the listener. An all-natural material is preferred and most good bridges are currently made from Rosewood, Oak, and Ash. But if you want the best go with Mahogany and the very best is Ebony. This wood is dense and transmits sound that is rich and vibrant. Experiment if you like and see which bridge you feel gives you the best results.

Final Thoughts on Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

We today have offered our thoughts on the things you should consider before buying an acoustic guitar. We have hinted at a 6th consideration as well. What is the most important consideration when you buy an acoustical guitar is, “How do you feel when you play and listen to the music you are making.” This in the final analysis is what will ultimately sell you on one guitar over another. Because it doesn’t matter if it is the finest instrument in the world if you are happy with what you are playing. So, follow our advice, but let your heart and feelings guide you as well. In that way you’ll buy the best and be happy with what you’ve bought.


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