5 Writing Tips for Great Guitar Songs

5 writing tips
Written by Laura Buckler from ScholarAdvisor.com

Everyone dreams to achieve something great. In case your dream is to express yourself by writing your own unique song on a guitar, you’re in the right place.

The truth is that each of us has the inner potential to write an incredible melody. You only need a story and a little bit of imagination in order to create a masterpiece – all while using your guitar to display your “message” to the world. By composing a song, you are creating a language that may or not be understood by your audience. But this matters not because the message is still sent.

In the following 5 writing tips will teach you how to write your story in sound.

  1. Composing Starts with Silence

The ideas that inspire great songs always come from silence. Therefore, in order to access these ideas, you should find a quiet spot in your life where inspiration may flow. It can be a specific day or location where you will feel safe and in the right mood to let these creative thoughts feed your mind.

Writers are observers. They absorb and reflect in silence, consulting with their own self in order to produce a masterpiece. Nothing should disturb you from this deep “meditation”. In order to get in that specific state of mind that will generate all those fantastic ideas, you must preserve your meditative state for as long as possible.

  1. Write Everything Down and Record it

If you think that you will remember everything, like the tabs and lyrics, you’re making a big mistake. Always write everything down, so you won’t forget a thing. In order to create music, you must enter a certain state of mind which may boost your senses. Try to relax as much as possible and consciously allow the inspiration to flow into your senses. There is a saying that every song was already recorded in ether and the only way to access this great sea of thoughts is by maintaining a deep state of meditation. This state of mind may even be perceived as a way of life.

You may help yourself by using a notebook or a recorder to keep note of your creation.  When you are writing down your ideas, make sure to make them as clear as possible for your future reading and reassessing.

  1. Exploit the Internet

The action of writing lyrics can easily be compared to resolving a puzzle. There are websites like ….. which may assist you in your struggle for perfection. These websites are not only rhyming dictionaries, but they can also help you with many actions that lead to the creation of relevant lyrics.

An important aspect of writing lyrics is making sure that the words you use express the ideas that are formed in your mind. Remember, the internet is a great source of inspiration; use it wisely.

5 writing tips
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  1. Write About Things that Had an Impact on You

Keep in mind: the whole idea of writing music is to express your own thoughts – unveiling the deeps of your spirit in such a way that everyone might grasp a fragment of your mind. Always try to be original, and preferably talk about things that you yourself have experienced.

A great way to cultivate your inspiration is reading poetry and lyrics written by other gifted writers. Remember that life will always fetch new thoughts and experiences for you; therefore you will never run out of ideas.

  1. Ignore Other People Opinions

The most exciting moment of a song writer’s life is when he proudly imparts his masterpiece with his audience. First off, you should prepare your audience. Place them in the right state of mind, so they may grasp the entire story narrated in your song. In general, the first people you share your work with are your close friends and relatives.

Thinking that they may have a better understanding of your work, just because they know you, may not always be true. Communicating through music may be difficult to some people.

Therefore, focus all your attention on creating a unique and powerful message and forget about other people opinions. Think it this way: music is a frequency. And, in order to receive the entire message, you should resonate ‘be” on the same frequency. Not everyone will comprehend your message.


Writing music, especially on the guitar, may bring joy and fulfillment to your life. Your works may even change the world for the better. When people listen to your songs, emotions of any kind will be awakened.

Entire worlds will be presented in front of their eyes. Through music, we may expand our perceptions. Music is all about feelings. Writing a great song takes time and dedication. Yet, when writing music becomes a money-making strategy, the quality of your message often tends to decrease.


Laura Buckler is writer at essay service, and non-professional guitar player. Her mission is to change the world through writing articles about the things she knows and likes. Personal motivation is her main driving force. You can follow her on twitter.


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  1. Good set of tips, but the title of the article “5 Writing Tips for Great Guitar Songs” is a bit misleading. None of the points made had much to do with whether you were writing a guitar song or a piano song.

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