7 Reasons Kids Should Play Guitar

kids should play guitar
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Written by Chris with KidsGuitarWorld.com

Are you thinking about getting a musical instrument for your child but you are not sure which one to choose? Well, first of all it’s your child who should be choosing the instrument. But parents can of course explain to them the advantages of each instrument. In this post I would like to give you some arguments why a guitar is a great choice for kids. To do so, we are going to answer the question from a parent’s and a child’s perspective.

So let’s get started with the parent’s perspective of why kids should play guitar since you are the one reading this post.

Parent’s perspective

  1. A beginner guitar is quite affordable.  There are really expensive guitars out there and an advanced guitar player may invest a bit more in his instruments. But for a beginner and especially for a child there is no need to get one of the best guitars. You should avoid cheap guitars from super markets with a thick shiny gloss but otherwise there are already nice entry level guitars from around $100. In addition to that, guitars for kids are available in different sizes and there is no doubt that your child will also outgrow his guitar once. So, his first guitar won’t be his last one. The deal is if he sticks with the guitar it’s worth it to invest rather a bit more on the next guitar.

  2. Used guitars are easy to sell.  Today it’s a musical instrument, tomorrow it will be skateboarding. Kids can be very motivated in the beginning for something. However, they can also lose quickly the attention and motivation for something, especially if there is a complex learning process behind. And this is the case for nearly every musical instrument. Since a beginner guitar is not really expensive it won’t be a big loss for you anyway.  And, as guitars are easy to transport and quite long-living products you can put them on eBay or Amazon Marketplace for sale in case your child gave it up. You could even to consider to get a used guitar instead of buying a new one.
  3. Guitars are not too loud.  You should consider this fact if you don’t want to get up every Saturday and Sunday morning when your child is already starting practicing.  When buying a kid’s guitar, you want to get a nylon string guitar since nylon string hurt less young fingers. A nylon string guitar is also much quieter than a steel string or an electric one. Since kids need small size guitars the loudness will be once again quite limited.  And compared to drums and piano, a small size guitar is really quiet.
  4. Playing guitar is better than playing computer or watching TV.  Do you have the impression seeing your child too much in front of the TV or the computer? A musical instrument would be a great try to change the free time life of your child. It will help your child developing creativity, talent and passion for something that is worth it.

Child’s perspective

  1. A child can reproduce his favorite songs.  Why only listening to music? Why not covering your favorite songs? Any instruments like drums or violins are great but the guitar is one of the best instruments to cover your favorite bands and songs that you know from the radio. Strumming only some chords can make you already recognize your favorite tune and that is just an amazing feeling.
  2. Guitars are easy to transport.  Have you already seen people transporting their piano or drum set on bike? Probably not, but you have seen for sure people with their guitar on the back and riding a bike, haven’t you? A guitar is super easy to take everywhere you want. You just need to put it in a gig bag and you can play on your instrument at friends, on the beach or on holidays.
  3. Playing guitar is cool.  Teenagers that master a musical instrument have more self-confidence. It’s no secret that girls love guys who play the guitar. It’s honestly just cool grabbing a guitar and to know playing on it.

Conclusion: Kids Should Play Guitar

We could continue this list with endless other arguments why kids should play guitar. The earlier kids learn to play the guitar, the faster they will progress. That’s why you should’nt wait too long. From 5 years on kids are able to learn this instrument.

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