5 Guitar Accessories Every Beginner Guitarist Needs

What are the best guitar accessories for beginner guitarists?

So you just bought a new guitar and it’s hard to imagine spending any more money at this point, right? I mean, you’ve already stretched your budget just a little to get that next best guitar. It’s especially hard if you have a salesman trying to upsell you on every little knickknack he has on the rack. The truth is, you don’t need every little toy or even the most expensive ones, but there are some accessories every beginner guitarist needs.

In fact, there are really only 5 guitar accessories that a beginner guitarist needs. Everything else is up to your own desire.

Basic Beginner Guitarist Needs

A simple clip-on guitar tuner

#1 A Good Guitar Tuner

It amazes me how many beginner guitarists try to make it without a tuner! This is by far one of the most important beginner guitarist needs , particularly if you plan to play with other people.

They’re not even that expensive either. I recommend a simple digital clip-on tuner that barely cost more than a set of strings.

Tuning should become a mindless habit for a guitarist. It improves how you sound and helps you develop a good ear.

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#2 A Metronome

Most people prefer to avoid metronomes at all costs but developing a good internal clock is almost as important as developing a good ear.

Did you know that professional studio musicians and pretty much any musician playing with in-ear monitors on stage is using a metronome? If these professionals are using it, how much more does a beginner guitarist need it?

Answer: a lot. Don’t settle for being an average learning.

There are plenty of free metronomes that you can download on your computer or mobile device, but if you’re like me and you prefer something you can carry with you, these are some great options for you.

#3 An Extra Set of Strings

An extra set of guitar stringsFor a beginner guitarist, nothing inhibits practice more than a missing string. It’s such a hassle to go to the guitar store, buy the strings, come home and change them. So most people just let it be for a week or two and just don’t practice.

Always, always, ALWAYS have an extra set of strings.

Inevitably your strings will break at the least convenient time (i.e. while you’re playing with others or supposed to be playing on stage) and you don’t want to be caught empty handed.

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#4 A Guitar Rag

Cleaning the acoustic guitarIn my case I always keep a guitar rag. At least that’s what I call it. It’s an old cloth that I think was supposed to be a baby diaper at one point.

Every time I finish playing my guitar I wipe down my strings to get rid of the finger oils. These oils are what corrodes the strings and decreases their life. It’s also convenient to polish up the guitar when needed or when you decide to deep clean your guitar.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this (even though music stores do sell specific brands) – just get a soft rag and keep it in the guitar case.

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#5 A Guitar Case

An acoustic guitar and its caseThis seems like it would be a no-brainer and yet there are many people who are perfectly content to hang their guitar on a stand or on the wall.

If you consider your guitar an investment – and you should – a guitar case is a must.

Not only does keeping it out make it susceptible to bumps and dings, it also forces the guitar to brave the humidity changes. If you live in an extremely dry or extremely wet climate, that could eventually cause your guitar to swell or crack.

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What’s NOT on This List

You’ll notice there are quite a few things that aren’t on this list, and there’s a good reason for that. There are some guitar accessories that won’t really benefit a beginner guitar player immediately. These things include:

These are all great guitar accessories, but they’re not absolutely beginner guitarist needs.

So grab these 5 accessories if you don’t already have them and keep on practicing!

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