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When choosing the correct acoustic guitar for yourself there are a lot of variables and choices out there. Factors like your playing style to your build will be huge when finding the right guitar for you. But how do you know for sure which guitar is the one for you if you’re just starting out?

All of the guitars on our list are under $1000 and would all be great for learning as well as maintaining their quality for a long time with the right care.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars

Blueridge BR-160 Historic Dreadnaught Guitar

This two toned beauty is built to be a durable, great sounding instrument. Using strong traditional construction methods and new features like the forward shifted X-brace pattern for the top, it’s the perfect mix of the classic vintage style with the modern improvements for easy learning and a long life for your acoustic guitar.

Yamaha FG820 Guitar
This sleek brown sunburst, dreadnought style acoustic guitar is made of a mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard. It uses a new scalloped bracing pattern to bring out more of a natural sound for a really well rounded guitar.

Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK Guitar
If you are looking for more of the vintage look in a quality guitar, you will absolutely love this one! The craftsmanship is truly excellent and it plays wonderfully. It is a real solid acoustic guitar made up of a solid spruce top, solid rosewood sides and back, ebony fingerboard and bridge, with bone nut and saddle. Although it is made to last, it is also a beautifully built acoustic guitar.

Epiphone DOVE PRO Solid Top Guitar
Our fourth choice is a package deal if you want to play electric as well. The designers created this one to cater beginners as well as the pros. It has a nice bright tone to it thanks to the maple body and sides, this is a great choice for your first acoustic guitar that will only get better with age.

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Guitar
The Fender is a great way to go, it’s a good sounding, reliable acoustic guitar for pretty cheap. If you’re really not sure of how committed you are to learning and playing you can’t go wrong here, it’s perfect for beginners and can also handle never being put down.


How do you like these acoustic guitars? Is there another acoustic guitar that should be on the list? We’d love your feedback! Feel free to comment.

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar – Find One Under $1000

  1. I am confused. The post says “Find an acoustic guitar for under $1,000”. Well, $100 is well under $1,000 , yet you post the Yamaha FG820 ? That goes into a category that is guitars under $400 but worth $200.

    The Blueridge BR 160 and the Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK both come in at $1,000

    The Fender FA 100 is a $200 guitar.

    What was the point of the comparison then ?

    Takamine GD93CE. Around $600. Blows everything you posted clean and clear right out of the water.

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