Advanced Fingerpicking

advanced fingerpicking

If you feel like you are confident with the fingerpicking technique and want to learn some new rhythm patterns, this video is dynamite. It’s an advanced fingerpicking level.  However, he does a great job of walking you through each of the cords.   The instructor even shows it to you on the screen as it develops.

You should already have a good feel for your guitar and know whether you want to use finger picks or just your fingers if you are playing at an advanced level.

This video is definitely a good one if you are ready to throw yourself another challenge, he will teach you how to play a percussive jazz fusion riff that sounds pretty stellar. He also plays a style that is called a thump & strum. This is essentially where you hit the base cords with your palm then use your fingernails to strum. It’s a pretty crisp sound that you could potentially get creative with. Throughout the video he covers 5 rhythm patterns using 3 exercises that will really help your playing ability. LickNRiff also has additional videos to check out if you like his teaching style.

Advanced Fingerpicking


Have you used online lessons before? How do you like this one? If you already practice using videos on YouTube, which do you recommend? Feel free to leave us a comment, we always love hearing your feedback.

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