Buzzing Strings and How to Avoid Them

avoiding buzzing strings

If you are just starting out, know that when you play the guitar you might run into one of the more common problems: buzzing strings.

Tune your guitar before you start playing and check it’s tune as you play.  (Check out our tuning guide for more information.) There are great tuners out there like the KLIQ MetroPitch or The Scheffy Tuner by Scheffland Music Products.  Strings that are in tune will sound clear and crisp.  So, when you have a guitar that is in tune, you should not have buzzing strings.

After you have tuned your guitar, if you are experiencing any amount of buzzing with your strings when you are playing, it could simply be that you need to press harder on them while playing. This allows the note to be played more clearly. However, if pressing harder doesn’t seem to do the trick, try adjusting the location of your finger on the string. If your finger is too far back on the string between the frets you will notice the buzzing sound starts. To fix that all you need to do is slide your finger closer to the the middle or front of the fret.

As time goes on you will need to replace your strings to keep them sounding crisp and clear, we recommend the Ernie Ball regular slinky nickel wound set for the best sound.


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