Best Acoustic Guitar of 2016

best acoustic guitar

It’s no easy task selecting the best acoustic guitar for this year. There are definitely a lot of factors and variables that come into play. However, having said that, my top pick for the Best Acoustic Guitar of 2016 is the Yamaha FG800.

Beautiful and Affordable

The Yamaha FG800 has a beautiful natural finish which complements the outstanding sound that you get.  If you have the opportunity to pick one up and play a little you will know what I mean. Not only is this a great guitar but it is affordable as well for the quality that you are getting.  You can pick one up for just around $200.

These days you don’t need to go out and spend a crazy amount of money to get a decent guitar. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been playing your entire life and it is time for something new, the Yamaha FG800 will be a good fit. It is a well rounded acoustic guitar, the top is made of solid sitka spruce. Spruce is great for playing loud, it allows you to really get into your jam sessions without losing your clarity. The spruce is complemented perfectly with the rosewood fingerboard & bridge, It will give you an awesome response for whatever kind of music you want to play.

The Best Acoustic Guitar of 2016

best acoustic guitar best acoustic guitar best acoustic guitar

Yamaha introduced the FG series in 1966, yet they have been making crucial changes to improve the guitar for years. They used cutting edge acoustic analysis technology to bring you a louder and stronger sound. Of course everyone has their own opinion, but even if it isn’t your first pick I would venture to say that it is at least in your top three.

All in all, this is a great guitar, hands down.


How do you like the Yamaha FG800? If you prefer another acoustic guitar, which is your favorite? We love hearing your feedback so feel free to leave us a comment!

15 thoughts on “Best Acoustic Guitar of 2016

  1. Cheapest solid top acoustic guitar for 2016 or The BEST Acoustic Guitar of 2016 ???

    I had no idea the 800 had a solid sitka top so I will definitely run by the local dealer to check one out BUT … The BEST Acoustic Guitar of 2016 would be, hands down, the Takamine EF75M TT.

    When the Gibson, Taylor and Martin guys are talking about a Takamine, you know they did something right.

    1. Really? I’ve listened to several Martins in the $575 to $800 range that didn’t sound as good as my FG-800, and I sold my Takamine EG-240 the other day for $100, because it wasn’t that great. But if people have $300 to spend, they should check out the Yamaha FG-830, with rosewood back and sides, and harmonics that will make your neck hairs stand up, they are so rich. Definitely the Best Guitar For The Money for 2016.

      1. You’re saying your EG240, with a laminate spruce top and nato back and sides, wasnt that great ? I am kind of shocked.

        I actually did get a chance to play an FG800. Much more than expected. Really nice sound and average play ability. Definitely need to drop some $$$ on a set up. Put it up against the low end Takamine GD20-NS and the choice was pretty clearly leaning towards the Tak. I did buy an FG Junior (JR1) for my youngest because nothing else in the size and price range even compared to it.

        There was no 830 on the wall so I have no idea about it, but I did walk out with a Simon & Patrick Cedar 6 for $300 that totally impressed me.

    2. Maybe it’s because it costs as much as an upper end Taylor, Gibson, or Martin. Most people don’t have $4,000 to blow on a guitar. I think the idea here is best guitar for the money, and I guarantee that guitar doesn’t sound 20 times better than an FG-800.

    3. The EG240 Takamine you are referring to cost me $100 more than the FG800. I bought it because I read reviews saying the G series were really good guitars for the money. But I’ll never buy another Takamine. I’m saving up for a Larrivee D-03 now, because I think they are the best guitar I’ve ever heard. Thought about ordering a S&P dreadnought, as I’m collecting guitars these days, but after buying another Godin, the Art & Lutherie Cedar Burst, I was pretty turned off to Godins. Worst all-solid-wood guitar I ever bought. But some people say S&Ps are better. I have a couple Guilds, a Blueridge BR140, an All Solid Alvarez, and a MKD52, but when I heard the Larrivee I thought I’d trade all of them in a second for that guitar.

  2. In my 55 yr experience with all types of guitars I have found that you can’t get a really good acoustic for less than $700 . I had a yamaha Fg that really sounded good but it played like strings on a baseball bat. Now I have a Martin D-35 and its the best all around acoustic I ever had,

    1. Helpful comment, Barry but I’m not sure what you mean by playing like strings on a baseball bat. Would love to know what you meant since you clearly know your stuff.

      1. I admit that my Yamaha was not a high end guitar,but compared to my Martin it felt dead and unresponsive. The sound however, was OK

    2. I assumed you meant one of the old 1970s FGs with the really thick necks, but you meant something else entirely. I agree that a solid-topped guitar can’t compete with an all-solid-wood one. I love Martin dreadnoughts, though I’m too cheap to buy one. Have you ever played a Larrivee dreadnought? I’d never even seen one until recently, and now I am saving every cent and selling a couple other guitars in my collection to get one.

      1. Make sure you play a Larrivee before you buy it.Some are great and some are not so great.

      2. Roy, you’d be amazed how much better it sounds than just about anything. Upper end Martin price range ? Sadly no. Most high end Martins are around $10,000+ while a few are over $70,000. Sorry you paid so much for an EG240. Some dealers are unscrupulous. You’ve listed several Canadian guitars including the Larrivee. The only thing I dont have is the Seagull and thats just because I havent found one that spoke to me yet. S&P, A&L, La Patrie all decent guitars. Trade any of mine for a Larrivee ? Not a chance. I’d sure love to see your collection sometime. That many Canucks in 1 place is usually a good start.

        Barry, with 55 years of experience you should have played several great guitars by now. Of course you can get a good acoustic for under $700. The local dealer sold me my GD93CE for less than $700. I put it up against $2000+ Taylors and Martins all the time. Highly unlikely they are electric but its fair comparing them until we plug in. After that the G series Takamine embarrasses anything under $2000, unless its another Tak. Like you said about the Larrivee, some are great and some arent. Mine never break the bank so I am never worried about having to sell 1 or 2 to finance another one.

  3. Ok, you guys all seem like experts. I’m brand new to guitar and am hooked on it. I bought a Breedlove Concert which I love but would love your feedback on that. I’m also looking at an Ovation Celebrity shallow body and would be interested in your thoughts on that as well.


  4. I bought a Yamaha fg460 in the early 90’s. Pretty much learned to play with it.
    I still have/play it. I installed a Fishman Prefix plus preamp, on it a few years back. It just sounds better than ever. Rings like a bell. Since the initial story was vague Ill try to behave.

  5. I’ve own a ‘95 Seagull S6+. I bought it used about 20 years ago. I was looking for a good sounding guitar that didn’t break the bank. Something I could accompany myself with and take on the road with no worries. I also own ‘18 Martin and ‘15 Gibson guitars After reading many reviews and a respected guitarist/friend who called it a poor man’s Martin, I bought one. Build quality and materials are great. It has a remarkable ability to stay in tune no matter how long it’s been since It up. The sound characteristics of each of my guitars are different and all sound good. In my opinion, the difference between Seagull and the others is nominal and really more of a personal preference than differences in sound quality. Ultimately it comes down to what sounds good to your ears and feels good in your hands.

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