Tips That Will Help You In Becoming A Better Guitar Player

better guitar player

Written by David for New York Jazz Academy – NYC Based Music School.

Learning any musical instrument is not an easy job, and it proves completely true in the case of playing guitar. Practising guitar sometimes doesn’t show enough to reach where you want to. So, you start finding new resources for your practice to get improvement in your progress. But, sometimes, even after trying so many techniques and methods of Practising, you find a slow or negligible progress in your playing. You are bound to make mistakes even when you are attending sessions/lessons at a guitar school.

Becoming a better guitar player

Most of the guitar players make a common mistake of trying new methods and techniques to improve their practice, and in doing so, they forget the most important factor to consider, and that is “improvement.” People keep on finding new materials for their practice and don’t pay attention to what they are using for their practice. It is better to focus on improving the ways of Practising rather than concentrating on changing the methods or materials.


Moreover, people have this belief of learning everything fast, and so they focus on the speed which spoils their progress and slows it down. So, it is important that you practice slowly rather than going fast. As a result it will reduce the chances of making mistakes and, in turn, help you in progressing better.


Here, we will see some tips that will help you in improving your practice thereby making your progress better day by day.


Practising scales on guitar improves your technique

It is critical for you to focus on the scales of playing your guitar while Practising and this involves paying utmost attention to the minute details like the economy of motion, tension control, two hand coordination and articulation of the pick. It is advisable that you notice the remarkable difference between Practising scales while focusing on the specific elements of your guitar technique and the monotonous repetition of the finger motions. The knowledge of this difference will help you in improving your learning at a higher level.


Practice on a daily basis

The most important thing in your practice is the “every day” factor, and this makes a lot of difference over a span of time. It is vital that you make it a habit to practice playing your guitar everyday, even if it is for five minutes. This will surely make a difference in your progress. Don’t think of Practising for more time immediately because in increasing the speed, you are bound to make mistakes which will eventually hamper your progress.

Track your progress

It is quite important that you mark your progress at each level in relevance to chords, songs, scales, progressions, licks, triads, intervals and arpeggios you are Practising. Further, observe your playing, mark your hands, and listen to your playing. If you get engrossed in analysing every minute detail about your playing, you will be able to point out your flaws. This will help you correct your mistakes and improve yourself.


For all this, you need to go slow, and this will undoubtedly affect your progress positively. Paying close attention to your practice will help you analyse your progress. Moreover, it will increase your accuracy and lead your practice near perfection. Gradually, increase your speed of playing by slowly increasing the tempo.


Practice at a place where you will not be disturbed

It is vital that you should practice in a peaceful place where there is no interruption. You have to keep in mind that you do not want to get disturbed in any case and for this, you have to find a place for you either in your home or outside whichever is comfortable to you. Remember that peace of mind is the crucial thing that you need to have when you are with music, in whatever form it is.


Don’t give up

If you do not get a music piece accurately or correctly, don’t give up easily. Instead, break that section into smaller chunks and practice them separately and try to get success slowly. This will help you finish your entire music piece in a more accurate manner. The top thing to be kept in mind is to never give up in any case. Just stick to it whatever it takes you to do. A positive attitude always gives you peace of mind and this will, in turn, keep you intact in your practice.

Do your daily practice for at least 30 days

Studies say that a 30-days practice will get you anything right in the way you want it. There has to be a regularity of at least a month when you take up something like playing or Practising guitar or any other musical instrument for that matter. Give yourself 30 days and continue your practice religiously without a break of even a single day. At the end of the month, you will definitely mark a difference.


Use proper Practising techniques

Your techniques are quite important when it comes to your progress. So, make sure your Practising methods are good enough to help you reach your ultimate destination. Try to improve your techniques rather than finding the new ones every now and then. This will save your time of finding new ones and will improve your older techniques.

Have fun while playing

Music is something that you enjoy whether you are listening or you are playing. It is important that you enjoy yourself while playing a guitar. This will keep you in a lighter mood and will also keep you away from the stress of goal of improving. Just relax while you are Practising and this will surely improve your progress naturally.


Music is said to connect you with the nature and so don’t make it mechanical by keeping goals of faster improvement or becoming the best guitar player. Just be yourself while you play your guitar and be slow in your practice. This will, naturally, bring a drastic improvement in your progress over a span of time.

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  1. Hello sir, can you please suggest a practice techniques for daily in order? I guess I’m lost in practicing guitar. But know some basics.

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