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What Should I Look For When Buying a Beginner Electric Guitar?

Shopping for the best beginner electric guitar

In continuing this series on Frequently Asked Questions for beginner guitarists, today we’re going to discuss a great question that I’ve heard from quite a few people who have been in the market for a new beginner electric guitar – either for themselves or for their friend/child/etc.

Does a Solid Top Make a Difference on Beginner Guitars?

Different type of solid wood for guitars

One of the most often-asked questions I hear from people looking to buy their first guitar is the confusion around solid-top guitars and laminate guitars. These questions include:

  • Is a solid-top guitar really that much better than laminate?
  • Is it worth the extra $$ to purchase a solid top?
  • Do I want solid back/sides too?
  • Which Type of Guitar is Best for Learning?


    It’s the age-old question for most any beginner guitarist – should I be learning on an acoustic, electric or classical guitar?

    Thankfully, the answer may be easier to find than you first thought.

    Soft or Hard Guitar Case?

    guitar case

    I’ve traveled with my guitar all over the world. It has been in a hard guitar case thousands of miles on countless airplanes, trains, buses and taxis.

    It has also traveled in a padded case just down the street to a gig or the local guitar store.