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studio recording
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How to Prepare for Studio Recording

Written by Stefan from

This is highlight for every musician and a moment that you can’t forget. The first studio recording is a sort of a crown jewel.  It’s the culmination of hard work we have put into practicing and composing. It’s no wonder this moment is so special as not only did we have to practice guitar for countless hours to get to this point, but we also had to find a band and compose cool songs that we’d like to record.

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electro-acoustic sound
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6 Tips for Making Electro-Acoustic Guitar Sound

Written by Vincent Hill from

For a guitarist, producing great sound is essential for music and every guitarist has an ear for great guitar sound. Aside from quality strings, there are several other factors to consider when you want to produce excellent electro-acoustic guitar sound.

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guitar tone
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How to Create an Awesome Guitar Tone

Written by Don from Millennium Bug.  
Don can also be found on YouTube.

Calling all guitarists!

Without a great guitar tone, your dazzling technique and mastery of repertoire mean nothing. Cover band guitarists, in particular, are often required to radically change their sound from song to song.

Don from Millennium Bug unravels the mystery of great guitar tone.

It’s a funny thing.  Electric guitarists seem to obsess over the tone of their instrument more than almost any other type of musician.  Yet, they don’t always sound good. There are several reasons for this:

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first guitar
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Guitar Tips

10 Essential Things to Check When Buying Your First Guitar


Written by Ged Richardson from Zingstruments

If you’re just starting out playing guitar, buying that very first guitar is a daunting prospect. It doesn’t have to be, so long as you’ve done your homework.
Here are the 10 biggest hiccups that newbie buyers make when they get their first guitar. Don’t be that rookie…read on!

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