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Jungle Guitars | Build a Guitar in Paradise

jungle guitars

Written by Andy Trowers,  a freelance writer and guitaroholic.

Many guitarists dream of building their own axe. Who wouldn’t want to rip out sublime solos on a self-made guitar, like Brian May. Or chug out blues-soaked rock and roll on a cigar-box guitar, like Bo Diddley. The idea of making my own guitar from scratch always appealed to me.

Tips That Will Help You In Becoming A Better Guitar Player

better guitar player

Written by David for New York Jazz Academy – NYC Based Music School.

Learning any musical instrument is not an easy job, and it proves completely true in the case of playing guitar. Practising guitar sometimes doesn’t show enough to reach where you want to. So, you start finding new resources for your practice to get improvement in your progress. But, sometimes, even after trying so many techniques and methods of Practising, you find a slow or negligible progress in your playing. You are bound to make mistakes even when you are attending sessions/lessons at a guitar school.

Top 4 Ways to Solve Your Tuning Problems

Tuning Problems
Written by Tom of TomGuitar

Every guitar player suffers from tuning problems from time to time – it’s a natural part of playing a stringed instrument.

Tuning problems are particularly common in cheaper instruments, and even more expensive ones can be difficult to keep in tune in they’re not maintained well. Constantly having to retune your guitar can be very frustrating!

Guitar Styles | 14 Different Styles to Learn

guitar styles

Written by Shubham at GuitarIsBliss

Guitar is an easy instrument to learn (violin is voted as the most difficult). But still guitar is a versatile instrument. It’s history can be traced to over 4000 years back. The modern acoustic guitar which we can see the way it is today got its shape around 1900s.