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buying an acoustic guitar

5 Things To Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar

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Finding the right Acoustical Guitar can be a long and drawn out process unless…

Music and the playing of music is bigger than ever Today, People are looking for ways to entertain and be entertained. With the high cost of travel abroad, going to a concert or a local venue provides you with an evening of pleasure with your friends and family at less cost. This has caused a surge in guitar sales with acoustical guitars staging a big comeback over the electric variety. Today, if you are one of those who wants to learn how to play or are switching to acoustic guitars you need to read the following to help you get the one that will give you hours of pleasure, entertain those around you, and perhaps launch you on a musical career. We have 5 things you should be thinking about before you buy your first acoustic guitar.

kids should play guitar

7 Reasons Kids Should Play Guitar

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Are you thinking about getting a musical instrument for your child but you are not sure which one to choose? Well, first of all it’s your child who should be choosing the instrument. But parents can of course explain to them the advantages of each instrument. In this post I would like to give you some arguments why a guitar is a great choice for kids. To do so, we are going to answer the question from a parent’s and a child’s perspective.

guitar terms

Essential Guitar Terms for Beginners

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A Guide to Guitar Terms

When you start something new, like playing the guitar, it is important to learn the jargon.  Knowing key guitar terms is helpful when purchasing your guitar, learning techniques, and simply talking with other guitarists.  You will need to know where the pickups are, what a barre chord is, as well as how to use your capo.  (You can find more information on the capo here: Ultimate Guide to Using a Guitar Capo.)

minor pentatonic scale

Beginnings of a Rockstar: Minor Pentatonic Scale

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The almighty minor pentatonic scale: the 5 notes (penta = 5) that make up the bulk of your favorite solos, riffs and lines across a multitude of genres (especially Blues and Rock). It’s usually one of the first scales, if not the first, that guitarists learn and there’s a good reason for that. The scale contains only 5 notes instead of the 7 that form a “full” major/minor scale. This alone makes the shapes “finger friendly” and it takes out the intimidation a bit out of soloing and applying them right away.