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A look at the best available guitar accessories for the acoustic and electric guitar player.

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21 Serious Gifts for Guitar Players They’ll Actually Love

Looking for the gifts guitar players actually love?

It happens every year around my birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day that my wife, family and son ask me what I want as a gift. I think I despise answering that question almost as much as they detest asking it! How do I (a lifelong guitarist) answer them without saying what I really want…something that costs more than their budget will allow.

What are the best guitar accessories for beginner guitarists?

5 Guitar Accessories Every Beginner Guitarist Needs

So you just bought a new guitar and it’s hard to imagine spending any more money at this point, right? I mean, you’ve already stretched your budget just a little to get that next best guitar. It’s especially hard if you have a salesman trying to upsell you on every little knickknack he has on the rack. The truth is, you don’t need every little toy or even the most expensive ones, but there are some accessories every beginner guitarist needs.