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5 Lessons Learned Buying a Fake Taylor Guitar

The World of Knock-off Guitars

Knock-off guitars. These fake guitars are not something we deal with in the United States and Europe very often, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

However, it’s a hot market in Asia where many of the world’s guitars are produced and exported.

Automatic Guitar Tuners = Death of Traditional Tuners?

Do Automatic tuners mean the death of traditional guitar tuners?

Is it actually possible that in the not-so-distant future that we may no longer have need for traditional guitar tuners?

That’s what Gibson Guitars seems to think and based on the trend over the past decade it looks like this is a technology that is here to stay.

How Well Do You Know Guitar Brands?

Take the guitar logos quiz

How well do you know your guitar brands?

Most guitarists might be quick to assume they could recognize any guitar brand logo or font, but you might be surprised at how difficult it is!

The following is a 20-question quiz that will test your knowledge of logos and fonts from the most popular brands among guitar and guitar accessories manufacturers. Some will be no-brainers while others might have you scratching your head.

Can You Name a Guitar by its Headstock?

Guitar Headstock challenge!

So you think you know guitars? Go ahead and test your knowledge with this simple guitar headstock quiz. It’s harder than you might think!