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10 Guitar Fails that Will Leave You Speechless

Guitar Fail: putting a microphone on the guitar amp head
Guitar Thief Fail

Just for fun: enjoy these five guitar fails.

In a sadly true story, this young man actually had the nerve to stick an electric guitar down his pants and try to walk out of a local guitar store. Thankfully a store employee had the wherewithal to snap a picture on his phone. Haha!

The True Story Behind Taylor’s Pallet Guitar

The year was 1995. The name “Taylor Guitars” was becoming known as a great-sounding, quality guitar when one of the most interesting stories in modern guitar-making history took place. It was the birth of Taylor’s “Pallet Guitar”.

18 Astonishing Guitar-Shaped Things that Make You Say “What?”

18 Crazy Guitar-Shaped Things

Guitars provide inspiration for a lot of things in life but there are some people who take that to an extreme. While some of these guitar-shaped things are mass produced, most of them are custom pieces designed for the sole purpose of pleasing a passionate guitarist.

5 Best Beginner Guitars under $300

5 best beginner guitars under $300

A close friend called me the other day asking about beginner guitars. Apparently his oldest son, now 12, had decided that he wanted a guitar for Christmas.

I don’t want to spend too much money” he said. “I’m afraid this is just a fad and he’ll just end up giving up on the guitar like he did with the piano.