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Interesting guitar art

The Crazy World of Awesome Guitar Art

While the guitar itself is an instrument used to create art, it’s amazing what happens when an artist uses a guitar as an object of his art.

I’m not talking about painting a guitar body – although I’ve seen some pretty cool guitar designs over the years. I’m referring to art that utilizes the recognizable shape of the guitar, not just its ability to create beautiful sound.

18 Reasons the Electric Guitar is the coolest instrument in the world

Why the Electric Guitar is the Coolest Instrument in the World

There is no doubt that the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world, but have you ever considered why?

Encore Music Lessons has put together a cool infographic that shows in a somewhat humorous manner why exactly the electric guitar is the coolest instrument. I’m partial to the acoustic guitar, but I’ll let this one slide. In case you needed any prompting, some of the reasons involve the movie Back to the Future and the video game Accordion Hero. Ha!