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How to Properly Clean an Acoustic Guitar

Cleaning the acoustic guitar

When you view your acoustic guitar as an investment you want to properly care for it. I know I do. And I’m not talking about simply wiping it down with a cloth. I’m talking about a proper, deep clean that would make your mama proud.

The Secret to Unlocking the Entire Fretboard: “CAGED”

An introduction to the Guitar CAGED method

If you’ve ever studied scales before on a guitar more than likely your fingers have stayed within the same 4-5 frets. It’s a comfortable spot for most guitarists but if you really want to speed up your learning, there is one simple key to unlocking the rest of the fretboard: CAGED.

10 Most Useful Tips to Flying with your Guitar

10 pro Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

When it comes to traveling with your guitar on an airplane, it’s certainly become a hassle these past few years. Restrictions for carry-on luggage and cost-cutting measures by the airlines have limited what is allowed to be brought on board.

How to Change Strings on Classical Guitars

How to change strings on classical guitars

One of the trickiest aspects of buying and owning a classical guitar is learning how to change your strings. Changing the strings on classical guitars is completely different than changing the strings on a typical acoustic or electric guitar.