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minor pentatonic scale

Beginnings of a Rockstar: Minor Pentatonic Scale

Written by Ivan Rivera from You can also find Ivan on YouTube.

The almighty minor pentatonic scale: the 5 notes (penta = 5) that make up the bulk of your favorite solos, riffs and lines across a multitude of genres (especially Blues and Rock). It’s usually one of the first scales, if not the first, that guitarists learn and there’s a good reason for that. The scale contains only 5 notes instead of the 7 that form a “full” major/minor scale. This alone makes the shapes “finger friendly” and it takes out the intimidation a bit out of soloing and applying them right away.

learn a song by ear

How (and Why) to Learn a Song by Ear

Written by Alex Bruce of

When my team of Guitar teachers and I talk to our new students, so many of them, whatever their level list being able to learn a song by ear as one of their main aims. It seems to be something that aspiring Guitarists want to be able to do, whether they feel they need to or not. Perhaps it’s part of their perception of what a ‘real’ musician is, or just feels more authentic than using a tab or a tutorial.


How to Get into the Guitar and Actually Stick to it

Image courtesy of Luis Llerena @

Written by Colleen from

Are you having trouble pulling your guitar out for another practice because you just can’t get in the mood? You might be feeling like it’s too hard and that what you’ve done so far isn’t good enough. Well, you might be caught in a slump, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t kick yourself out of it.

online guitar lessons

Online Guitar Lessons: Who does it best?

Learning to play with online guitar lessons definitely has it’s advantages. One of them is the ability to just pick up right where you left off at anytime. In most cases, you get what you pay for.  But you can still find some good learning videos for free or donation if you know where to look. Even if you’re already taking private lessons you might find throwing some online guitar lessons in the mix is actually helpful.