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Buzzing Strings and How to Avoid Them

avoiding buzzing strings

If you are just starting out, know that when you play the guitar you might run into one of the more common problems: buzzing strings.

Tune your guitar before you start playing and check it’s tune as you play.  (Check out our tuning guide for more information.) There are great tuners out there like the or .  Strings that are in tune will sound clear and crisp.  So, when you have a guitar that is in tune, you should not have buzzing strings.

A Guide to Chord Changes

chord changes

You may find that some things are actually more difficult than you expected when learning how to play the guitar. Certain things, like changing chords and keeping your rhythm down, can be quite a challenge when you are just starting. For anyone out there who is struggling with chord changes, here are a few tips.

Using Your Whammy Bar

whammy bar

The tremolo arm, commonly known as the whammy bar, is a lever attached to the bridge of your guitar that is used to quickly tighten the tension or change the length of your strings while you are playing. Your style of playing is what determines how you should use your tremolo arm.

Fingerpicking Tips for Beginners


Fingerpicking is one of the many different guitar playing styles out there. Whether you plan on using your fingers, fingernails, or actual finger picks like the , learning a new way to play can be difficult. That’s why we put together a couple tips for beginners that will have you fingerpicking in no time.