Espana Classical Guitar Review

Dean Espana Classical Guitar Review

For those looking to purchase their first classical guitar, your research has probably brought you across the Dean Espana Classical Guitar several times. It is one of a few beginner classical guitars that have become popular due to its value and quality.

Dean Guitars has been making guitars since 1976 and have established themselves as a great American guitar maker. While they are better known for their electric guitars, they also produce acoustics, basses and of course, the classical guitar.

The Espana is Dean’s attempt to break into the classical guitar market and although they don’t offer higher end classical models, it is an excellent option for someone looking to buy a beginner classical guitar.

Review | Dean Espana Classical Guitar

Espana classical guitar for beginnersThe Dean Espana classical guitar is pretty straightforward. It is manufactured with a solid Cedar top which produces an excellent sound alongside the Mahogany body.

The rosewood fingerboard provides smooth runs along the frets while the inlaid mosaic rosette adds a nice touch to the traditional Spanish guitar feel.

The body is finished off with a natural gloss that you expect with many classical guitars.

Even though Dean isn’t known for producing classical guitars, I have been quite impressed with the quality of the Espana. They have found a way to translate their success with the acoustic guitar over to classicals.

Espana Playability

When you pick up the Dean Espana classical guitar you’ll immediately notice that it has a very comfortable feel. The neck is wide, which is expected with almost all classical guitars, but the size of the guitar is near-perfect.

The mahogany neck is smooth on the palm and the action is good. I did feel like the action could have been lowered a little but details like this are part of what you trade when you purchase a budget guitar.

Espana Sound Quality

Playing the Dean Espana classical guitar is a real treat. I’m biased toward the soft sound of classical guitars, but I’ve also heard some terrible entry-level guitars that have compromised too much on production for lower costs.

The Espana isn’t like that. The quality of the guitar is flawless which means that the sound of the guitar is consistent and strong. Although I wish the notes would sustain a little better, the solid Cedar top projected well and produced a crystal clear tone that I loved.

Options with the Dean Espana

One great aspect of looking to buy the Dean Espana classical guitar is that there are quite a few options to choose from that work with multiple budgets. I’ll walk through them quickly from least expensive to highest quality.

Dean Espana Starter Pack

For those who just need a good classical guitar at the lowest price possible, the Dean Espana Pack is a what you’ll want to look at. Instead of a solid Cedar top it utilizes a laminate Spruce top which has an affect on the overall sound but saves on the price tag.

What’s great about this starter pack is that it also comes with a footstool (which you’ll find you need, especially if you take classical guitar lessons), a pitch pipe for tuning and a gig bag.

Review of the Dean Espana Starter Pack

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Dean Espana CSCM

For a few more dollars you can upgrade to the Espana CSCM, which sports both a trendy cutaway as well as onboard electronics. These electronics will allow you to plug into any sound system and also comes equipped with a handy LCD tuner.

Most everything else on this guitar stays the same including the solid Cedar top and Mahogany back and sides. An excellent upgrade option.

Review of the Espana CSCM classical guitar

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Dean Espana CSCR

Similar to the CSCM, the Dean Espana CSCR comes with a cutaway and onboard electronics with a tuner. The biggest difference with this guitar is that it utilizes Rosewood for the back and sides instead of Mahogany.

The rosewood will give you a different, more rich tone which is both beautiful and smooth. It’s really a preference thing more than anything else.

Review of the Dean Espana CSCR classical guitar

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Overall Impression

Despite my hesitations over the fact that Dean isn’t known for their classical guitars, I can confidently recommend the Espana classical guitar as an excellent option for beginner guitarists. It’s a great value for a good sounding, quality guitar.

Whether you’re an experienced guitarist who wants to add a classical guitar to his/her collection or you’re a beginner guitarist who wants to start out on a quality classical guitar, the Dean Espana Classical Guitar is a good place to start.

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