8 Essential Benefits That Will Keep You Playing Guitar

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Written by Nik from PedalRockstar.com

Ever had periods when you wanted to pick up your guitar, but just missed that extra piece of motivation to do so? Luckily those days are over. In this list, we will take a look at the

8 essential benefits of playing guitar that will make you want to keep picking it up!

In this post we will cover crucial benefits, from avoiding a depression to raising your IQ when playing the guitar.

So sit back and let’s get started with the first benefit!

1. Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that casual music-making can short-circuit the stress response system in our bodies. Reducing stress in our bodies has got a great positive effect on the healthiness of our body and mind. Stress is known to be able to weaken our immune system, leaving the door open of our temple for all sorts of unwanted guests, like bacteria, viruses or even diseases. You could say, that 30 minutes of guitar playing a day, keeps the doctor away.

2. Attract Others

Attracting the opposite sex, but also new friends! This really is something you’ve probably heard of quite often and is something you are going to hear when you’re going to start playing the guitar. People will often ask you if you are doing it to get girls. And it’s true, people do tend to gravitate towards people that are often in the center of attention or who are able to do something creative. Although this is something that should not be the only reason you play the guitar, it is an awesome benefit to motivate yourself even better to keep picking that baby up!

3. Feeling of Joy

Feeling joyful is one of the best feelings one could have. Dopamine is one of “happy chemicals” in our brains and is mainly used to give us a feeling of enjoyment and thus providing a natural rewarding system. Now, I assume you really like to play the guitar, which is good, because dopamine is released in the brain when you are doing things you really enjoy doing.

4. Becoming Smarter

Another great benefit of playing the guitar is that you will actually become smarter! That’s right, there is nothing wrong with your eyes … Lutz Jänke, a psychologist at the University of Zurich said that: “Learning to play a musical instrument has definite benefits and can increase IQ by seven points, in both children and adults”. It is said that the “shape” of the brain changes as certain parts are being activated more often, like; hearing, memory and the part that controls the hands among others.

5. Center of attention

Some of you are introverts and some are extroverts, some of you would love to be in the center of attention continuously, others would rather not. When you are a guitarist, there is a good chance that you going to be in the center of attention more often then when you weren’t playing the guitar. When you start playing some gigs, just around the campfire, or playing a couple of awesome riffs in front of your friends, you’ll be getting a lot more attention. Now, I personally think that is a great benefit!

6. Better Hearing

You are probably wondering: “Better hearing? Aren’t you rather damaging your ears while playing guitar?”. Yes, plug your ears when you are playing in some garage together with your friends and you decided to put your amp at volume 7. I am talking about a different aspect of hearing. When you are a guitarist, you are much more aware of sounds and subtle tonal differences. It’ll be easier for you than a non-musician to tell when something is off key.

7. Becoming a Better Team player

At one point in your guitar playing adventure, you are going to start playing in a band, a duo or at jam sessions. Whatever your thing is, it is unavoidable to communicate with people you are making music with. It might be really tempting to continuously blast through the tunes with a lot of solos and volume, but it probably isn’t the best way to keep everyone happy. As a guitarist, you will learn this very well, sometimes the hard way.

8. More Creative

Last on our list of essential benefits of playing guitar, is becoming more creative. Too often we are too logical in our minds, we don’t really think dynamically anymore. Playing the guitar helps you to tap into that creative part of your personality that loves experimenting around and even expand it! Being creative is actually something that is very welcome at most employers and could be the key to that job promotion or raise you’ve been looking for.

Finishing Up

That’s it, 8 essential benefits that will keep you playing guitar.

As you can see, the effects of playing guitar reach farther than you might have thought of.

Anytime when you feel like you need that extra nudge of motivation, get back to this list to get your motivation up.

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4 thoughts on “8 Essential Benefits That Will Keep You Playing Guitar

  1. Reducing stress is probably my biggest reason for playing guitar. Feeling good about getting a song or riff makes you feel pretty darn good as well. Aside from becoming the center of attention, this is a pretty good list.
    The obvious #1 reason to keep you playing guitar would be finding a guitar that suits you. Something that plays well and doesnt hurt your fingers. Something you just dont want to put down. Everything else will fall in line.

    Thanks Nik.

    1. Hi Darren,

      I am glad you like the post.
      Thanks for your comment and positivity.

      I agree with your statement, a guitar that suits your playing style and is appealing to the ear will definitely be a crucial factor for you to keep picking it up.

      Best, Nik

  2. Feeling joyful is one of the best feelings one could have.Playing Guitar can give a feeling of joyful by lowering your stress down and making your mood light. Guitar playing is my favorite time pass and I love doing that. Knowing such amazing benefits of playing guitar make me more enthusiastic and happy. Thanks

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