EZ-Fret Guitar Attachment


The Ez-Fret is a great accessory that attaches to your guitar in order to help you play chords with ease.  Because there is no question that playing the guitar takes a certain amount of skill.

Many who try learning on their own are able to get a few chords down, even a riff or two. Very few people possess the ability to pick up a guitar for the first time and play music from the get go. It takes hour upon hour of torturous practice to reach a level to which one might consider themselves to be a musician.

Ez-Fret Specification

Guitar players who have developed arthritis and other various symptoms that might restrain their playing ability, use the Ez-Fret to aid in playing chords. It lets you continue to play the songs that you love without the pain. It can also be very useful to beginners as well. When learning it can be difficult to get each of the notes right while working on your strumming pattern at the same time. Because the Ez-Fret is so easy to pop on and off it makes it a great practice tool. It allows you to work on your strumming technique while playing the correct notes. And for only $10 anyone can play!

The Ez-Fret was designed to play chords on your guitar with the simple press of the various buttons. Built specifically for standard sized guitars, the Ez-Fret is made out of plastic and controls the top three frets of your guitar. It is quickly and easily strapped into place using just two rubber bands, allowing for rapid removal as well. It is perfect for anywhere you want to play, at just over an ounce it is easy to take with you. Using the 18 buttons you will be able to play over 100 chords with no problem.

Double check that it will fit on your guitar before you buy it (standard full size, string length of 25.5″).


If you have an Ez-Fret how do you like it? We love to hear from our readers so feel free to leave us with your comments!

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