How to Find Each Note on the Guitar

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If you seem to be having a bit of difficulty finding and learning each note on your guitar, this video will be great for you. It will help you to find each note, in addition to memorizing their names, using four steps.

Throughout the video, you will see demonstrations showing you exactly where each note is in relation to each of the 6 different strings.

In music, notes are named from A-G and then start again at A. You must also keep in mind the gaps that are in between each of the notes as well. The B&C, similar to E&F, notes are closer together than the rest of the notes.  Therefore, there is a tone gap between each of the notes, except B&C and E&F, where there are only semitones.

4 Steps to Find Each Note

Step 1 is to learn the names of the open strings. From thickest to thinnest the names of the cords are E A D G B E.  It helps to remember if you affiliate it with a saying.  “Every Angry Dog Growls & Bites Eventually” does the trick.

Step 2 is to learn the notes on the bottom E string. It starts from the top of the neck of your guitar and follows the A-G rule. This also applies to the names of the notes on the top E string as well.

Step 3 teaches you the notes on the A string.  These start at B on the second fret from the top of your guitar neck. It is especially crucial that you memorize the notes for this string.  This will help you to learn the rest of the notes.

Lastly, Step 4 uses octaves, which is the gap between two notes with the same name. There is a pattern that will help you to learn the rest of the notes, 2 strings up – 2 frets up. By using this pattern you are playing the same note in an octave up and learn all of the notes for the E A D & G strings. To learn the notes on the B string we go from the D string and go 2 strings up – 3 frets over.

Moving On

Now that you know the notes and how to find each note, it’s time to move on to chords.  Here are a few guides on how to do that: A Guide to Chord Changes and Simple Shortcuts for Switching Between Chords


I hope this video helps you find each note, but if you have any additional questions feel free to ask. Do you have any other tips for learning the notes? We always love hearing your feedback!

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