A Guide to Chord Changes

chord changes

You may find that some things are actually more difficult than you expected when learning how to play the guitar. Certain things, like changing chords and keeping your rhythm down, can be quite a challenge when you are just starting. For anyone out there who is struggling with chord changes, here are a few tips.

If you are already comfortable strumming your guitar than this will be an easy practice tool for you. It may even help you to learn how to change chords quickly and more accurately.

If you are not quite at that point just yet you might think about picking up a metronome, something like the Korg TM50BK works great.

Once you have your rhythm down while you’re strumming, you will want to do what is called “mutes.” You perform this technique by lightly covering the strings (do not apply pressure, just lay your fingers flat) as you strum to create a dull thud sound. You are going to alternate between playing the chord you are working on and playing mutes. By practicing this technique with chords that you are struggling with, you will be able to easily tell where you need the most work.

If you continue to practice like this, the repetition of this technique will eventually help you learn the notes. Playing the chord over and over and over again is the only way that you will master them.

Your Tips for Chord Changes

Are there any other techniques that you have found to be helpful? Do you use this method? Have you tried the promoted product. We always love hearing your feedback so feel free to comment!

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Chord Changes

  1. Another technique is to allow yourself to play one open string strum in between the chords. It usually does not take away from the song and often sounds kinda cool.

  2. Very nice technique! I am definitely going to try it. I am a beginner student in guitar, I can change the chords between E minor or A major but when I need to change my fingers share completely, there my strumming pattern gets collapse.
    Also, I want to ask, as a beginner, should I play the filler while changing the chords?
    waiting for your answer.

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