11 Awesome Guitar Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Guitarists

Guitar Gadgets for Guitarists

Guitars and technology. As you consider what kind of gift you want to give to your tech-savvy friend or loved one who also happens to play guitar, why not just combine the two passions with awesome guitar gadgets? Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Perhaps you’ve already combed through a few good lists of serious gifts for guitar players but nothing seems to fit. You need something unique that you know will be put to good use…an awesome guitar gadget he didn’t know he wanted.

If what I’ve just described rings true for you, this list of awesome guitar gadget gifts for the tech-savvy guitarist might be just what you’re looking for. Being a guitarist myself, I can confirm that any of the items below would make a fun gift for any occasion.

Guitar Gadgets for the Tech-Savvy Guitarist

1. iRig BlueBoard Midi Interface

iRig Blueboard for the guitarist

I know a number of guitarists who use their iPad but they are often hamstrung by one major problem – they have to physically touch the screen in order to make any changes (adjust settings, flip digital pages, etc.).

With the iRig Blueboard by IK Media, that disappears. The pedal connects to an iPad via Bluetooth and can be programmed to do almost anything you want it to. Even better is that it comes with an extension port to plug in additional pedals! This is one of those gadgets that any tech-savvy guitarist would salivate over.

2. iTrack Dock for Recording

iTrack Dock for the iPad

Are you or someone you know a heavy user of Garage Band? Or perhaps you just like to make simple recordings but don’t want to deal with instrument-to-computer interfaces.

That’s where something like the iTrack Dock comes in handy. It’s an incredibly powerful iPad docking station that allows you to connect multiple 1/4″ and XLR inputs for multi-track recording. Take your recording on the go with this handy gadget.

3. Gibson Memory Cable

Gibson Memory Cable for guitarists

You’ve never seen a guitar cable like this before. Not only is it a normal cable you can use to hook up your guitar to any sound system, it’s also a handy audio recorder for those moments of inspiration.

With just a push of a button, this cable begins to record everything that you’re playing with your guitar, making it easy to capture song ideas or just remember how to play that particular rhythm.

4. Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

The Roadie Guitar Tuner and box

The Roadie Tuner is one of those gadgets that while not absolutely necessary, it sure looks cool. Forget trying to get that tuning just right. Just connect your phone, pluck the string and the Roadie Tuner will turn the tuning knobs for you.

If it seems too good to be true, check out the Roadie Tuner in action. In my experience it was extremely accurate and quite fast at getting my guitar in tune. What I loved most was the ability to dictate alternate tunings that the Roadie would automatically tune to.

5. gTar – Digital Guitar Teacher

gTar Guitar for beginner guitarists

The gTar, a digital guitar that is perfect for beginner guitarists, started off as an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over US$300,000 in funding. While it hasn’t hit mainstream popularity, it’s still one of those unique guitar gadgets that satisfies a niche need.

Once you plug your iPhone into the dock (30-pin and lightning connector options), the guitar frets light up to show you where to put your fingers. These are real strings and real frets, the only difference are the LED lights behind the fretboard that lead you to learn chords and scales. Pretty cool, eh? The gTar is only available on the Incident website.

6. Fusion “Digital Guitar” – Early 2016

Fusion Digital Guitar

Speaking of crowd-funded guitars, here’s another one called the Fusion Guitar. Funded via Indiegogo, the Fusion guitar was able to manage almost US$500,000 in funding that ended in late 2015.

Unlike the gTar, the Fusion Guitar is a “smart” electric guitar that integrates your iPhone to give you the ability to amplify your guitar with effects, built-in speakers, recording capabilities and more. The guitar is still under production but will be shipped in the first quarter of 2016. You can find more information on the Fusion Guitar Indiegogo page.

7. Cool FX Apps

Guitar effect apps for the guitarist

Current technology is often just a toy that inspires creativity for musicians and guitarists alike. Apps like LiveFX and Flux offer a myriad of options to create and transform sound to be whatever you like.

These are not your typical $0.99 apps, but the extra money is often worth what you get in exchange. Hours of time will be spend messing around with the settings and the creative juices are sure to flow as you experiment with your guitar!

8. Wireless Guitar Jack – No More Cables

Wireless Guitar Jack using Wi-fi

While not yet available on the market, the Jack Wi-fi guitar “cable” is sure to be an interesting new gadget in 2016. It is yet another example of ingenious guitar gadgets that began as a result of crowd funding.

The concept is simple: instead of connecting your guitar to an amp or to your computer/mobile device with a cable, why not just do it over the air? Wireless solutions aren’t anything new, but since this device uses Wi-fi it is possible to connect your guitar to your computer, phone or tablet without any other expensive interface.

9. Phone & iPad holders

Guitar Device Clips for iPhone & iPad

For the guitarist or musician who uses their phone or tablet to keep control of their music sheets, you know how annoying it is to balance your device on your knee or have it sitting awkwardly on a stand.

Instead, why not get a Griffin Sidekick to hold the phone to your headstock or a ChargerCity Music microphone stand tablet mount. If you were to combine that with the Bluetooth foot pedal mentioned above, it could be the perfect way to flip your music pages on stage with nothing more than a tap of your foot.

10. ACPAD Guitar Midi Controller

ACPad Guitar Midi Controller

In yet another example of crowd funded guitar innovation (are you seeing a trend here?), the ACPAD is a midi controler that can be placed on your guitar that gives you  access to “an electronic orchestra”. If you’re not quite sure what that means, check out their demo video here.

The whole device looks weird and I’m not keen to stick anything on the face of my guitar, but the concept is certainly original and worth a look. The possibilities are endless for the creative mind, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, this product is currently only available to backers of the Kickstarter campaign that ended in December 2015 but will be on the market in mid-2016.

11. Unique Guitar Capos

Unique Guitar Capo Gadgets

Finally, if you’re looking for something simple that still invokes a new level of creativity for a guitarists, consider some of the interesting capos that have come to the market these past few years. Obviously there are a number of different guitar capos to choose from, but there are a couple special ones that are worth a mention here.

One of my personal favorites is the Spider Capo, a specialty capo that allows you to choose which strings get capo’d and which don’t, allowing for a variety of guitar tunings. The second is the Harmonic Capo, which can be placed at a fret to create harmonics instead of a full stop on a string. There’s a limit to what you can do with this capo, but the sounds are unlike anything I’ve heard before. Hear a demo of the harmonic capo here.

So that wraps it up! I hope you’ve enjoyed this curated list of guitar gadgets for the tech-savvy guitarist – at the very least I hope you’ve learned about a new product that you didn’t know existed before!

Do you have guitar gadgets you think should be added to this list?

Just contact us to let us know more about it.

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  1. Wow! Crowdfunding seems well working for music industry, so glad to see that! I hope good gadgets will keep coming, just one thing, that guitar MIDI Controller seems like it’s turning the guitar into completely something else, which is slightly against the essence of guitar, in my opinion. But anyway, it’s exciting to see things like Wi-fi guitar jack and memory cable. Also there are some super cool programmable new pedals out there (like Dream Sequence), you should check those out too! Great post, thanks.

  2. I would like to have up dates and product knowledge about technology improvements with guitars. I am in the process of writing lessons for my students to help them improve their understanding of how the guitar has progressed with ne gadgetry.

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