Playing Guitar Live | 5 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Act

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Written by Alex Frank from MusicInstrumentsCenter

Introduction to playing the guitar live

Playing guitar amidst your friends and family can be quite different from playing guitar live. You might have been playing guitar among friends and family and have been doing good. Of course, you are in your comfort zone. In fact, you are the superhero among them, and you had little or nothing to worry about because they have been accepting and praising you for your performances. You feel at home anytime you are performing around them so far things go the way you have always wanted.

On the other hand, playing guitar live can be quite different. This time around, the audience has changed, and not just the audience, so has the setting. This time you are more concerned about your audience. You would love to wow them if you know what I mean, get a standing ovation from them, pass the flow to them, make them feel the connection and the message you probably want to pass across.

Apart from the audience you also want to feel good about yourself while performing, knowing that you have done a great job. Are you intending to hit the stage, but needs the tips for playing guitar live? Or have you been having a live performance, which you do not really enjoy? Do you give in to fear, forget what you have practiced or probably ask yourself why you are performing live to start with?  Are you on the quest to playing guitar live better than you have actually been doing before? If yes, then this is the best article you should be reading! Below are five tips to aid and improve your live guitar playing performances.

  1. Self-Assurance

One thing you need most when playing guitar live is to be sure of yourself. Your confidence is very important, before, during, and after your performance. Do your thing because immediately you let fear get the best of you, the performance immediately changes and goes the way you do not want.

Fear will only get down to you, and immediately it does, it affects your performance, and if it does automatically, your audience will also be affected by what you render. To avoid this, self-assurance is the key. When you are confident about your skills and you are bent on pleasing your audience, your live performance would be as good as you want.

  1. Be Spontaneous with Your Performance

When playing guitar live to make sure you are spontaneous. Do not be static,  make use of gestures.  Use your stage adequately don’t just stand on a spot or like someone who is roaming around the stage. Make eye contact with your audience; let them feel your passion, pass the current to them. Pay attention to things on and outside your stage. For instance, if your headstock does not move, not even once or twice on stage, then you aren’t moving enough. And you have to move because your movements will surely help you in gaining ground and getting the best your audience can offer you.

  1. Love your Performance

If you love and enjoy what you are doing, your audience will surely love what you are doing too. Even if you aren’t doing it well, they will not notice, and if they do, they will readily forgive you for it because you are obviously enjoying yourself and you have passed that current to them also. So, my friends, in any live performance you find yourself, make sure you enjoy what you do because that is the key to feeling good about yourself.

  1. Make Sure Your Neck Is Lifted During a String Bend

During a live performance especially if it is a solo performance, make sure your neck is lifted up while bending your string, this is a trick that works very well. Take note; this does not mean that you should lift the whole guitar except if that is what you intend to do. Also, when you are moving on stage do not be too tentative about it. Feel free, because, the more the crowd, the more the distance between you and them and the reason why they are there is to do nothing but to feel you and your performance. So, you have to satisfy them.

  1. Be concerned about the way you present yourself

When I say this, I mean your mode of dressing and the type of face you give. Dress to impress your audience. Take note of the type of people that will be around to see your performance. Are they children, teenagers, youth or adult? You should know this because it might influence the way you should dress. And as we all know, the type of dress that might appeal to a teenager is different from that of an adult.

During a live performance, you should give a striking appearance. Also by a good face, I mean your facial expression. Let your facial expression showcase the emotions in your performance. When your audiences feel that you feel what you are playing, you will definitely win their hearts.


Do you intend to play guitar live? Have you been having issues with getting on stage and wowing the crowd, audience or your fans? Reading and practicing this article is just what is best for you. It’s high time you played guitar live, and with the tips given above, the sky I will say is your beginning. So, my dear friend what are you thinking? Pick up your guitar, and practices well and before you know it, you are ready to perform live, and your audience can’t wait to have the new you.

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