Guitar Slides | The Different Types

guitar slides

Guitar slides

One of the fun parts to playing the guitar is learning new techniques and discovering sounds that may be new to you – guitar slides are one way to do this. If you want to get some unique sounds that you couldn’t get on your own you are going to love guitar slides. There are a number of sizes as well as various materials for guitar slides, each bringing a slight change to your music. There is a lot to consider when you are buying a slide, every little detail can make a big difference. Things like the weight are even a factor, especially when it comes to doing a solo.

Not to sure about what slide to get or if slides are for you at all?  Hit the local guitar shop and test a few different styles out before making your purchase. On the contrary, if you know that you want to play with slides you can get a pretty decent setup for around $30. These slides were each constructed with separate materials and personally I have a hard time choosing my favorite. However, if I had to choose only one, I would go with the Dunlop 220 Chromed Steel slide but why limit yourself to only one?

Finally, I recommend spending a few bucks to do it right. Here is a list of guitar slides that will set you on the best path for learning this cool, fun way to play.

List of Guitar Slides

Tempered Glass

Chromed Steel




Which is your favorite type of slide? What size do you prefer? We love hearing your comments and all of your opinions! Feel free ask any questions that you might have as well!

3 thoughts on “Guitar Slides | The Different Types

  1. . That’s a nice selection of ceremic, glass, and steel slides you previewed there. For me, I just go to Wal-mart, look around the double shot glasses for 89 cents to a dollar or so. find one or two with the right weight, length, and feel for my lap slide playing, and just buy and use those which tend to just be like having and using the Dunlop 210 up there but at the cost of just a dollar or less apiece…now a shot glass slide like I useworks only if playing slide with the guitar or lap slide laying flat on a stand and being played then sitting or standing with the guitar stationary in a horizontal position and shot glasses would not work well for those of you who play slide standing up with the slide on one of your playing fingers..then I would be buying one of the ones above…

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