Guitar Strap | Which is Right for You?

guitar strap

The best way to protect your guitar anytime you are playing it, is to have a good solid strap to keep it from crashing to the ground. There are endless options out there for quality guitar straps, it just comes down to finding the right strap for you. It is important to consider all of the variables before making your selection so it helps to know the key elements that you are searching for in a guitar strap.

Guitar Strap Options

First up is the Polypro by Ernie Ball. If you aren’t necessarily interested in spending a lot of money and don’t care for any design in particular, this is a perfect way to go. You can choose from 11 great colors, each for less than $10. The strap adjusts to the perfect length between 36″ to 68″ and is about 2″ thick. It may not be the most flashy strap out there but it will definitely get the job done.

If you want a nice strap that is going to last you quite some time a leather strap is probably going to suit you the best. Tanka guitar straps by Your Forteare made out of bison leather, making them extremely tough so durability isn’t going to be an issue. Bison leather is soft and also very smooth which makes these straps comfortable, allowing you to relax and enjoy playing. This strap is available in three excellent colors, black, hazel & tobacco. Each strap is able to adjust to between 37 and 58 inches in length and either 2 or 3 inches wide.

Vintage guitar straps are a personal favorite of mine. The 60’s Jacquard Vintage strap by Golden Lion is a work of art. It has a newly designed pickpocket that holds up to 3 picks. Both ends are leather with a printed gold lion on the top portion. The stitching is beautiful and on a comfortable material. It stretches between 40.5 inches & 56.5 inches.

Each of these guitar straps will work with acoustic and electric guitars. Be sure you hook your strap right and absolutely secure while you are sitting before you start jamming out.


If you have one of these straps how do you like it? Feel free to leave us a comment, we love hearing about your gear!

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