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If you have been playing the guitar for any length of time you know that learning to make new sounds is an exciting part of the never ending learning process.

For those of you who consider yourselves to play at a more advanced level, finding new sounds can be a rather difficult challenge at times. It has taken years to perfect the design, but the Triller is a new kind of guitar pick will provide you with a whole new way of playing with tons of new sounds!

Guitar Triller Specs

The Guitar Triller was created based on the playing styles of some of the world’s greatest guitar players. These include Eddie Van Halen, Frank Zappa, and my all time favorite, Tom Morello. It is a bit larger than your regular picks that you have at home, it is 5 and a half inches long by 1 inch and about a half inch around. They went with a nylon material for the construction of the Tiller so you won’t need to replace it very often if at all. It weighs a little less than an ounce and is designed for speed and accuracy so you can really enjoy playing.

How to Use the Guitar Triller

The Triller has 3 positions that you can change between while playing to create music that is your very own. The lead position allows you to play one or two cords at them same time. Simply hold the divot between your fingers with the hammer head facing toward the strings. This technique lets you solo with ease, expanding your playing ability drastically if you are a beginner. Flip it around and you have the second position which is called the chord position. Also known as the rhythm position it is essentially a bar, letting you strike up to all of the chords in unison. The final position, the picking position, is the one that you pick with. It works just like your pick at home but with a twist. You hold it more like a pen and use the hammer head to play the strings.

The Tiller can help you play a huge range of dynamic chords all the way to simple and easy tunes. Like anything new, it may take some getting used to. But once you get a feel for it you are going to love the Guitar Tiller.


If you use a Guitar Tiller how do you like it? Did you find it difficult to use at first? We always love hearing your feedback so feel free to leave us a comment!

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