Guitarist Guide to Christmas Stocking Gifts

Guide to Christmas Stocking gifts for Guitarists

Christmas stockings are a tradition in my family. Every Christmas morning we wake up to see what “Santa” put in our stockings, usually an assortment of food, small gifts and maybe a gift card.

As the years go by, I find it harder and harder to think of things to put in the stockings – or better yet I’m not quite sure what to tell my wife to put in my stocking. As a guitarist, it really shouldn’t be difficult to think of a good Christmas stocking gift and yet every year I end up getting something I didn’t really care for.

This is my attempt to right such a terrible wrong (I know, tackling major world problems one at a time). I’ve already written about some uniquely crazy gifts for guitarists and I’ve even spent time detailing some serious gifts for guitarists broken down by budget, but this will be a simple catalogue of ideas for the guitarists’ Christmas stocking.

Thanks to the GuitarAdventures readers on Facebook and Google+ for all your suggestions! Feel free to comment if you think there’s something missing here.

Christmas Stocking Gifts for Guitarists

Stuff that stocking with something the guitarist or musician in your life would really love! Here are 15 stocking stuffers that will never disappoint.

1. Concert Tickets | $25 – $500+

Concert tickets are a great Christmas stocking stuffer for guitarists!Do you want your friend or loved one to drop their jaw the moment they open up their stocking? Here’s one idea that’s almost a sure-fire winner…concert tickets!

If you don’t already know their favorite guitarist, just ask them and they’ll tell you. Find out if they’ll be touring near you and see if you can buy tickets (you can search for available tour dates online). If not, just write an “IOU” and stuff it in the stocking. They’ll still love it.


2. Guitar Strings | $5-$25

Elixer excellent Christmas stocking stuffer idea        Guitar strings - an excellent gift for guitarists

There’s one thing I can guarantee you: no matter how many extra sets of strings a guitar player has (which sometimes isn’t a lot), he or she can always use more.

A new set of strings is always a good idea and they fit so nicely in Christmas stockings 🙂 Try to see if you can match the strings they’re already using, which means you’ll need to take note as to not only what brand, but also what weight (extra light, light, medium, heavy, etc.).


3. Guitar Tool Kit | $32.95

Great Christmas stocking stuffer: a guitar tool kit for guitarists

While we’re thinking about guitar strings, here’s another idea that is a little more unique: a fancy guitar tool kit. It’s a tad more expensive than just getting strings but the “wow effect” will be much greater.

More than likely the guitarist in your life has a string winder, batteries, string cutter, etc. just haphazardly thrown in a compartment of their guitar case. This is such a better idea and contains tools that we usually don’t take with us but that could still be incredibly useful (i.e. a flashlight, alan wrenches, etc.)



4. Keychain Pick Holder (w/ Picks) | $5.94

Keychain Pick Holder for guitar picks, a great Christmas stocking stuffer

Like guitar strings, guitar picks are another accessory that every guitarist always needs, it’s also something that’s cheap and fits inside a Christmas stocking very easily.

If throwing in a bunch of cheap guitar picks sounds lame (and I agree), then you can easily spice up the give with this simple keychain pick holder by Planet Waves. It’s less than $10 and its a much better way to gift picks to a guitarist.



5. Guitar Capo | $12-$25

Put a guitar capo in their Christmas stocking this year!

A guitar capo is a simple accessory that is a huge value to most guitarists. Check to see if the guitarists you’re buying for already has one and if not, they’ll thank you.

For those who want to do even more research, you can check out this guide to guitar capos. Even if a guitarist already has a capo there are ways to surprise them: there are traditional capos, really cool capos that can be adjusted, useful capos with tuners, etc. Don’t be afraid to buy a capo – it’s hard to go wrong here.



6. Guitar Smartphone Holder | $19.99

Guitar smartphone holder, a great Christmas stocking stuffer

Smartphones are now becoming an integral part of a guitarists toolbox. We use them as tuners, to read music, and to watch and emulate our favorite guitarists. With the Castiv Guitar Smartphone System we can now have this incredibly valuable tool at our fingertips.

This is one of those stocking stuffers that most guitarists will look at and say “I never would have thought of that…but I LOVE it!” It’s useful, it’s affordable and it fits pretty much any phone that a guitarists might have.



7. Guitar Care Kit | $29.99

 Give a guitar care kit as a Christmas stocking stuffer

If a guitarist cares anything about his or her guitar – and there’s a 99% chance that they do – they need the right tools to do it. That’s where a gift like this guitar care kit can come in handy.

These kits are pretty inexpensive, small, and very useful. You can even share with them this simple guide on cleaning your guitar if they’re not too sure what to do with the kit.



8. Gift Card

When I asked readers on Facebook and Google what they would like in their Christmas stockings, the overwhelming response was “a new guitar”. Ha!

Now obviously you won’t be able to fit a new guitar in a stocking and you probably don’t want to guess at which guitar they would want anyway, so the next best thing is to buy a gift card.


9. A Guitar Effect Pedal | $50-$300+

Gift the gift of a guitar effects pedal for Christmas

Although this stocking stuffer for the guitarist in your life might be a bit pricey, it’s another one that many guitarists I asked responded with.

“What pedal?” you might be asking? The truth is, most of us don’t care that much. I mean we do, but we’ll give anything a try. You can’t go wrong with Boss Pedals, which are high quality and relatively affordable, or you can upgrade to some Electro Harmonix Pedals which are a bit more expensive but highly coveted.

For more ideas, check out this helpful GuitarAdventures article: 10 Essential Guitar Pedals Every Electric Guitarists Needs



10. iPhone Guitar Pedal | $149.95

Unique Christmas idea for guitarist: an iPhone effects pedal modeler

You could take a guess at what pedal they would like OR you could just give them hundreds of pedals in one with this awesomeDigitech iStomp effects pedal.

Using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, this stomp box can emulate one of hundreds of different downloadable effects pedals. Again, this is one of those things that most guitarists wouldn’t think to ask for and yet I can guarantee they’ll want to play with it the moment they open it!



11. Guitar to Smartphone Connect Cable | $11.98

iRig guitar to iphone adapter, a great gift for guitar players

Since we’re on the subject of the “techy-guitarists”, this phone-to-guitar connect cable is a great idea for those who love playing with GarageBand on their iPad. It will allow them to not only plug in their guitar but also plug in headphones at the same time.

Other than GarageBand, there are tons of guitar apps that can be used to model amps, effects pedals or just record music. This cable will help them do just that, and you won’t have to pay too much to give it to them.



12. Guitar Clothing | $10-$50

Clothing as a gift for the guitarist

This is an easy yet often overlooked gift for a guitarist: guitar-specific clothing!

How simple is it? Just take a look at the brand name of the guitar they play most and then buy them a shirt, hat, coffee mug or anything else that has that brand on it that will fit in a Christmas stocking. They’ll absolutely love it.



13. Guitar Lessons


For the beginner guitarist, a gift card for guitar lessons might be a great idea for Christmas stocking gifts.

Lessons are not something we usually buy for ourselves as guitarists. Perhaps it has to do with pride, perhaps it’s just that we don’t want to spend the money. Either way, a couple months worth of guitar lessons could really be beneficial. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend trying online lessons by JamPlay.

Bonus: use the code “cj50” to get 50% off lessons for the first month with JamPlay!



14. Vox Amplug | ~$40

Great Christmas stocking stuffer for guitarists: the Vox Amplug

Another great stocking stuff for this Christmas is something called the Vox Amplug. It allows electric guitarists to plug headphones directly into their guitar therefore no need to lug around a huge amplifier.

The Vox Amplug comes in a variety of different sounds, from “Metal” to “Classic Rock” to “Lead”. All a guitarist has to do is plug the Vox into their guitar then plug in their headphones. It’s that simple.



15. A New Guitar | Priceless

An angled view of the Taylor 300 series acoustic guitar

Say what? So obviously a new guitar won’t fit into a stocking and it’s definitely an expensive gift for a simple stocking, but hear me out.

Let’s say you were going to plan on buying a new guitar anyway. As a cruel – but fun – joke, you can have your guitarist open all the gifts under the Christmas tree. Perhaps they’re expecting a guitar and when they don’t open it they’ll be disappointed.

When they go to open their stocking, have a simple note that says something like “Look in the garage…Merry Christmas” or “Look in the hall closet…Merry Christmas” and have the guitar hiding there.

If you’re buying a new guitar for a beginner, I suggest you check out these quality beginner guitars under $300. Or perhaps they would be interested in a handy travel guitar. Otherwise you probably know what they want.


So there you have it. Something on this list will be a great gift for that special someone’s Christmas stocking.

Anything I missed?

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