Important Things Beginner Guitar Players Should Know

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Important Things Beginner Guitar Players Should Learn

Now that you want to learn how to play guitar, where do you start and what are some of the things that beginner guitarist should know? Playing guitar is similar to other skills, and you have to start from the beginning so that you can master everything that is required.

If you want to succeed in playing guitar, you need to master all the basic skills and this will give you a good foundation. I have given you a list of ten things that any beginner guitar player should know. Once you get all the points in your fingertips, then you are ready to continue playing your instrument to perfection.

Understand Guitar Anatomy

There is no way you will play guitar if you do not know the anatomy of your guitar. You should have all the details on everything and what they do. Familiarize yourself with different parts of your guitar from the bridge to the headstock, and this can take you some time. Whether you are playing acoustic guitar or electric guitar, understand everything fully and how they work, and this will give you a simple time when you are training.

Holding Your Guitar

You need to hold your guitar the right way if you want to get the best sound. If you are using your guitar for the first time, you may feel lost on how to do it right. Practice holding your guitar by keeping your left hand on the neck and the right hand over the soundhole so that you can get the best sound from your instrument.

What if you are left-handed how should you hold your guitar? You can flip the strings of your guitar around, and this means reversing the strings completely. Then you need to hold your guitar with your right hand on the neck. Another solution for you is to flip the guitar over without necessary restringing.

How To Hold A Pick

There are players whole prefer playing their guitar without a pick.  However, if you are beginner player, it is great if you start learning with your pick until you can now use your hands effectively. You need to know how to hold your pick in the right way. Always place your pick between the tip of your finger and the thumb. You can also find a comfortable way of holding it depending on how you would love to do it.

Pick are available in different styles ranging from thick to thin. It is great if you start with a thinner pick because they are easy to use for beginners. Because picks are easy to lose, buy a couple they are cheap so that you will not feel stranded when you lose one.

Know How To Re-String A Guitar

After playing your guitar for some time, the strings can lose luster, and this is evident when they get discolored making the guitar very hard to tune. If you know how to replace the strings of your guitar, you will always be sure of the best sound from your instrument.

You can visit your local guitar shop to get more information on how to change the strings of your guitar.

Reading Tabs And Chords

The process is simple, and beginner guitar player will master with ease. You need to know what strings you press and with which fingers. One of the simplest tricks on learning how to play guitar and chords is learning simple songs like bad moon rising.

Exercising Your Fingers

Most beginner players are faced with the challenge of finger pain when learning to play guitar. This is normal to experience pain on your fingers or hand because of stretching it out. Your muscles have not developed so that they will get fatigued easily. Finger exercise can greatly help you play your guitar in the best way possible without even feeling the pain.

Strumming Patterns

It makes no sense if you have the chords and there are no rhythms to combine them. Strumming might seem tough but can get through this. You can begin practicing the rhythms with just one chord and then head over to pairs of chords. As you practice, you will find it simple to learn and invent rhythm styles.

Playing Open Chords And Power Chords

In simple terms, open chords are the chords that do not have all the strings pressed down. This is a vital thing that beginner guitar player should learn. Do not be in a hurry when you are learning how to play your guitar. Begin with open chords like G and then strum the guitar to ensure that you hear a clear chord. When you have known a single chord, go on to the next and practice until it is easy to transition between the two chords.

Power chords are specifically used in rock music. You just need two or three fingers on the frets, and this is fun and simple to play when you are learning how to play your instrument.

Playing Guitar Songs

You should pick the best song because it will be the first one you will play on your guitar. Look for a song that has two or three chords. You can begin by learning the chords in the song individually. The next step to learn is transitioning between the chords, and once you are confident enough, you can try singing the lyrics.

Final Words

As a starter, do not just pick your guitar and begin playing. There are a lot that you need to master so that you can get the best performance and sound from your guitar. If you learn all those tips that I have outlined above, then you can be sure of having no problem when you are playing.

These tips will help any beginner guitar player in the learning process. Many beginners find it tough to play their guitar simple because they did not master all that is required for newbies. To avoid such trouble, learn and practice all that is required, and you will become a pro.



6 thoughts on “Important Things Beginner Guitar Players Should Know

  1. As far as I am aware, there is only one guitar teacher in North America that teaches correct technique before every single thing you can do with a guitar. There is one correct way to do everything, right down to playing your first note. Learn to do it the right way, and you will never have to backtrack on your training. Doing whatever works for you at the time is a guarantee that one day in the near future, you will try to learn a new skill and your fingers simply won’t do it. And the only way to move forward is to go all the way back to the beginning and learn it over again. It’s called “plateauing” and every single day, hundreds of potentially professional musicians will suffer it, and give up their dreams. So beginners, RUN, don’t walk, to, the school of Jamie Andreas. She literally wrote the book on how to learn the guitar in a way that lets you build skill on skill continuously to whatever level you desire. The book is called Guitar Principles; consider it your bible. Book an instruction program with Jamie, or if you can’t afford that, buy the book and ask your teachers (professional or just friends) to use it. Trust me, everything else is just wrong. Sure, people will tell you that you can play a simple 2-chord song on the first day. And you will take a month to make it sound like a real song. And the next song will take another month, then another and another … When you need to learn a more advanced skill, you’ll take another month or two to master it, and another month or two every time you use it in a new song. Or you can take a couple of weeks to play your first song, and only extend your skills a tiny bit to play the second song properly, and the third and …

    Learning Guitar is simply a matter of teaching your ten fingers to perform each skill correctly, and then you just string them together to play an entire piece. Your fingers will motor-learn it for you and you will play effortlessly. But if you teach your fingers the wrong method, it’s almost impossible to un-teach them when you need something more challenging.

    Students give up an instrument because they plateau, and the teacher doesn’t know how to get them to the next level. Jamie will show you the better way.

    btw, I get no compensation for this. I’m just giving you the simple truth.

    1. Absolutely! I agree 100% with this post. Jamie Andreas teaches the foundational skills that every guitar player must know in order for continual progress to occur. I have personally experienced her system. I have been a student of Jamie’s for five years. She is a knowledgeable, gifted teacher.

  2. Yes, Jessica, this is excellent. All of these are items most of us forget in the rush to make sound with our new guitar. Teachers of beginners should remember this list, also.

    Thanks for a great post.

  3. Learn to play songs you like. Many people get frustrated and give up after a few weeks. Learn your chords then find tabs online of songs you really like and play along with them. If you have a friend that plays, get them to show you some tips. I’d personally stay away from too much theory until you’re comfortable strumming some tunes. I’ve seen too many beginners intimidated out of playing by scales, modes, etc. Keep it fun in the beginning.

    1. Hey Monica, good point. I agree 100% I remember when I learned back in the 60’s, everybody used the Mel Bay books, and to a teenager, the songs he chose looked like favourites of my grandparents. I must have really wanted to learn, because I searched and found enough songs from the music that was exploding around me to get to the next level. Even if I couldn’t really master the Beatles, Beach Boys, Elvis, etc. I was better off playing something real, but badly, than achieving true mastery of ‘Claire de Lune’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

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