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klos review

Some history on the company before I begin my KLOS Review: Back in May of 2015 brothers Ian & Adam Klosowiak launched their first kickstarter for the carbon fiber guitar that they designed and built themselves. Fast Forward to February 2017 and they are launching their newest version of KLOS Guitars! The idea for the carbon fiber travel guitar came shortly after Alan left his dorm window open when he went away on break. While he was gone the cold dry air did what it tends to do to wooden guitars and cracked it from the bridge all the way to the end of the soundboard. They wanted to make a guitar that could handle all elements as well as the dangers of traveling with a guitar. Thanks to Ian’s mechanical background and his knowledge of guitars the first KLOS carbon fiber travel guitar became a reality. 

KLOS Review

Not really into traveling? Even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself to be a traveler you might find it hard to set this carbon fiber mini dreadnought down once you pick it up. While it may never fully replace the acoustic guitar you keep locked away at home, the unique sound of the KLOS makes it a fun guitar to play and would be great for the everyday player as well.

KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar 2017

KLOS review


Aside from making it so much more convenient to travel with, the small size of the guitar makes it a great option for many beginners out there in the market for their first guitar. It can be challenging to learn your way around the fretboard with the big body of a standard acoustic guitar blocking your eyesight from what your fingers are doing. The carbon fiber body of the KLOS is just 15 inches long and 11.5 wide making it easy to see around and check for mistakes as you play without straining your neck. Thanks to handy features like the removable mahogany neck and its minimalistic zero degree head along with the strength of the carbon fiber design make it tough enough not only to travel with but to withstand any destructive thrashing that a new player or a campfire jam session might impose on a guitar.


You might not be able to hit all of the same deep bass tones that you can get from your acoustic guitar at home due to the smaller size, that is why they designed it to project sound the way that it does. Every single aspect of this guitar was specifically planned out and put together in order to produce the best sound that they possibly could while maintaining the guitars extreme durability at the same time.

Physical Features

I have to take my hat off to the KLOS team for the way they laid everything out in their newest edition of their travel guitar. From the handcrafted bone saddle & nuts to the cleanly laid out carbon fiber body, it really is a work of art. With carbon fiber, perfection is something that is not always a guarantee but you can tell that they took their time to make it look right. They went with large rounded frets that give allow you nice smooth playing. One of my favorite things to this guitar is how clean the slap sounds. The fretboard doesn’t go all the way to the hole and the bridge is located relatively low on the body, letting the strings slap nicely with its energized acoustic sound.


I haven’t taken my guitar out of the house, but with KLOS I won’t worry when I do, just grab it and go. It is the perfect guitar to play anywhere at anytime and is worth every penny!

2 thoughts on “KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar | Review

    1. I’ll begin by being frank. Upon receiving my deluxe travel guitar with, what I later found after Martin told me what to look for, was indeed exactly what I ordered. I had originally thought that the entire body would be dark green, and not just the back. I originally thought that the inscribed verbiage would be highlighted on the body and not just on the headstock. I also originally thought that I could singly put the guitar together even in my current disabled state, but was unable to do so I went to a local Guitar Center that I frequent, and, after replacing the high e and b strings, which I mangled in my attempt to put the guitar together, the KLOS TRAVEL DELUXE EDITION was ready to be played! I returned home, took it gingerly out of the soft, but durable, case it came with, and started to play. WOW! Not the most expressive word needed to express how truly wonderful this guitar actually sounds, but WOW is the best I can muster. This small, beautiful guitar, is something that I absolutely cannot put down. KLOS may have some competition out there but knowing that time was spent to carefully hand-make this instrument according to excellent quality control by the luthiers working at KLOS,results in an amazingly wonderful guitar with an incredibly vibrant sound. Customer support is unparalleled (thanks, Martin!) and the plugged-in tone rivals many excellent full-sized instruments, of which I have a few. I can’t wait to go to Europe next year with absolutely no trouble or concerns. Thank you, KLOS! You have made me a believer!

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